4 Reasons Why Knowing How to Fax From Email Is Better Than Using a Machine

Have you ever had to send a fax by one of those terrible old fax machines? These days, it pays to know how to fax from email. It’s so much more intuitive and simple, and it can be done in mere seconds with a great, third-party fax service. Keep reading to get started.

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4 Reasons Why Knowing How to Fax From Email Is Better Than Using a Machine

1. It’s So Much Faster

Sending from a fax machine is just time-consuming. If you have a machine at your office, you have to stand there and remember how it works, input each number correctly, make sure you’ve put your document in facing the right way, wait while the fax machine sends each page slowly, one at a time (and hope you get the next page into the machine at just the right moment to make it send as one continuous document), and then, wait, praying, for confirmation that it came through clearly.

Why do all that when you could just send an email instead? Ordinarily, you can’t if the other party demands a fax, but with a third-party faxing service, you transform your email into a fax machine. All you have to do is get back to work: your fax service will text you when the fax is sent. It just takes a couple of minutes.

Even if you don’t use a fax machine yourself, email is so much faster. You don’t have to get in your car or hop on a bus to get down to the local office supply store, where you stand in line and wait your turn for someone with minimal training to send your fax through the same laborious process as was just described above.

2. It’s So Much Cheaper

If you have to send faxes regularly, you not only have to pay to maintain a landline dedicated just to that fax machine, but you also have to keep up the machine itself. And that’s not counting the big expense, which is the loss in time as you go through the whole process we just described above.

If you don’t send faxes all that often and tend to go down to an office supply store or shipping center to send a fax, you’re going to be paying a couple of dollars a page. When you sign up with a third-party fax service, you’ll be given a free trial and minimal cost if you’re just sending a couple of pages occasionally. Even if your faxing thousands of pages a month, you’ll be paying just pennies a page.

3. It’s So Much Easier

Take all that description under heading number one and now think of it not in terms of the time that’s wasted but the effort it requires. When you send a fax by email, it works just as quickly and intuitively as sending an email.

If you need to send to multiple recipients, you just have to put other addresses in the address field. You don’t have to laboriously send the same fax four times to four different numbers, with four different opportunities for something to go wrong.

4. It’s So Much More Reliable

When you send with a fax machine, particularly if you are using a budget machine to save money and space, you know how unreliable that fax can be. It’s not uncommon for one of the pages to not go through or for pages to smudge on the other side.

When you use a third-party fax service, this will never be an issue. All they do all day long is send faxes in bulk, and they have the machines and the experience to do it right every time.

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