Affiliate Disclosure

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Affiliate Disclosure

According to FTC regulations, this disclosure is made to comply FTC policy that requires every website to disclose any and all affiliate connections of the website. Simply put, every visitor to this website is so notified that any and all links on this website are all affiliate links. When you click on the links, you are redirected to another website. This secondary site will place a cookie on your web browser and authenticate your IP address. This process is necessary as we receive a commission in case, you the customer, purchase a product on the secondary website. We state that this is a legal and ethical method for monetizing our website to subsidize our website operations. We also state that all affiliate relationships are openly disclosed to all customers.

To simplify website working, we have shortened all hyperlinks on the website. In some cases, a few links are cloaked for ease of website operation. This is a completely legal way of promoting our affiliates and this process of shortening, link tracking and cloaking of links is completely legal.

We do not accept cash or commission gifts for any of the posts, products, articles or recommendations made on this site. It is possible that our posts and reviews are based on our affiliate partnerships. At this point, we do not believe that this contributes to a conflict of interest but, you as the customer, can decide by reading our posts and considering our affiliate partnerships and link procedures. We do writer articles based on our affiliate partnerships and we would like our customers to purchase these products and we may be influenced by this. However, we make sure that we review our products as thoroughly as possible and we ensure that our customers get an unbiased opinion of the products we are promoting.

Our sales partners may also pay to have their products advertised on our website in the form of ads. Link ads, banners, widgets and hyperlinks are the most common forms of ads and these are paid ads. We do try to make sure that only high-quality products are listed on our website but we cannot ensure the reliability and the claims made by the advertising links

The next few paragraphs essential claim the same few points but in legal language to protect the website and customers per the English Translation of the legal rulings.

Compensation Affiliate Disclaimer policy, valid from 13 January 2010 on.

As directed by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, (see 16 CFR Part 255) — Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising This policy aims to ensure that compensatory affiliation in between a site owner and the affiliate networks Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google, Share-A-Sale and any individual vendors they represent and that the site owner has established an affiliate relationship.

WebProps, LLC maintains and regulates this website. If you have any legal queries or customer-related or product-related information, please get in touch with the correct department through email or direct telephone.