Making the Leap From Fax Machine to Google Fax Service (It’s a No-Brainer)

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Since there’s still a need for fax now and again, you still need your old machine, right? Definitely NOT! If you’re still dusting off that clunky machine and enduring that ear-splitting dial-up connection once in a while, put it out of its misery. It’s incredibly easy and inexpensive to upgrade your tool from the stone-age of stand-alone fax machines into the tech-age of Google fax services.

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If you’ve been wondering what’s new in fax–is there a better way; do I really need to keep this machine–there is a simple answer for you. Connecting to an online fax service provider will keep you engaging customers who prefer the familiarity of fax but help you send and receive with all the ease of Google.

What Is Google Fax Service?

Google fax service is sending faxes through Google. While there are a few options, one of the easiest methods is to simply use your Gmail. Using the simple steps of writing and sending an email, you can now send faxes. You can also reassure clients and customers that choose the security of fax that you can receive and send sensitive information, for their peace of mind.

An online service provider gives you an online fax number, and you use this on Gmail to transmit faxes. Once you pick a provider and fill in their one-time forms, you’ll have your number linked to your Gmail. Then it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Type (the recipient fax number goes the ’email address’ slot, and any text you write is the cover letter) 
  2. Attach (docs like pdfs, scans, pics, etc.)
  3. Send 

Are There Free Services?

Some providers offer free options with a limited number of pages per IP address, while others offer “free” options that plaster your recipient’s fax with ads. Free trials with a service provider who offers paying plans are often a great way to start. The trial (often 30 days free) makes it pain-free to start and just upgrade if you want added features or to maintain the same number for consistency.

There are plenty of choices. A few top mentions are RingCentral, MyFax, and eFax. Each one offers unique options that might fit better with you, depending on the needs of your business. Look for a well-known option to handle those sensitive private documents with secure transmissions.

Advantages of Online Faxing

Obviously, freeing up desk space and tangled lines is one wonderful advantage to recycling the traditional machine. However, the ease of online faxing takes this medium to a whole new level, making your communication smoother than ever. Most providers like RingCentral offer extras to sweeten the deal, too. Here are some of the best advantages online faxing offers:


These services work with cloud options like iCloud, Google, and DropBox. This compatibility with familiar options means you connect with what you already know and use to make the process seamless.


New apps for mobile use are designed to make the process of sending, receiving, and retrieving stored faxes easier than ever. The mobile-friendly approach means that no matter which device you pick up, you’re ready to do business.


Many providers give you some slick extras that just empower you to do more. Electronic signature storage lets you approve and sign for quick responses. There is often also the option to add notes for clarity in your back and forth collaboration.

It’s helpful to keep reliable mediums like fax ready for the occasional use, but it really is a no-brainer to take the leap away from the traditional fax machine to online faxing.

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Can I Get a Free Fax Number Without a Landline?

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That lonely wall jack where the landline once connected is an eyesore on the wall. Maybe you’ve had to explain it to the kids and have even thought about getting rid of it. But now you’re working from home and need to fax. Is a landline required? No! We’re going to show you how to send a fax via Gmail.

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No Landline: How to Send a Fax Via Gmail

Yes, you can get a fax number without a landline, though a landline has to be used somewhere along the process. Cellphones are terrible at fax transmission when they can do it at all, and many carriers can’t. “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) phone numbers like those provided by Google Voice are simply incapable of it.

Fortunately, if you need a dedicated fax number, there are inexpensive online fax services that can fill this gap.

What’s an Online Faxing Service?

An online fax service handles the process of converting your document into a faxable version, then transmits it over the service’s own phone lines to the recipient’s fax machine. It also works in reverse: if someone faxes you from their machine, the online fax service will receive the transmission, then convert it to whatever format you prefer to receive.

It sounds complicated, but the user experience can be blissfully simple. Many services will provide you with your own dedicated fax number with your local area code. You can even put it on your web site and business cards.

Getting Your Dedicated Fax Number

We’ll use RingCentral as our example online faxing service. You sign up for your 30-day free trial with your Gmail address, which associates that address with your account. The second step in the signup process is selecting your dedicated fax number from a list of available numbers in your area code.

What Is the Faxing Process Like?

Many fax services can be integrated with office productivity tools, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. There are browser plugins, as well as apps. But we love the simplicity of being able to use our dedicated fax number through Gmail. Once you know how to send a fax with Gmail, you have the advantage of faxing and managing your faxes entirely through your Gmail dashboard on nearly any device. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start a new Gmail
  2. Attach your document to your email
  3. Use the “Subject” line as a cover sheet
  4. Address your email to
  5. Press “send”

When your fax arrives, it will display as “From” your dedicated fax number. If the recipient faxes you back, whether by machine or online fax service, they send to your dedicated number as usual. Your fax service will receive the fax and convert it.

Is There More to Online Fax Services?

Most fax services use the monthly “subscription” model and auto-bill your card. Many also bundle fax with tiers of additional services, including separate voice (VoIP) phone numbers and integration with Dropbox and Google Docs. Almost all offer limited-time free trails. Read carefully, as some give you full access to their system while others restrict the “free trial” to a limited number of pages you can send/receive or only allow you to send, but not receive faxes.

No Landline Reunion Required

Since you now know how to send a fax via Gmail, you’re safe from that dreaded landline reunion. You may even want to get out the spackle and fill that old socket. Rest assured: you’ll get your faxes in Gmail and nobody will know that you don’t have a machine.

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Does Google Have a Fax App?

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Apple’s decade-old “There’s an app for that” campaign assured us that there’s an app for pretty much everything. If you can think of it, there’s an app. Can I have a full-featured office productivity suite? Yes. Can I film and edit a movie in my pocket? Yes. Can I send a fax from my Gmail? Yes. Does Google have a fax app? Well… sort of.

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Google Fax App vs Can I Send a Fax From My Gmail?

To answer this requires some clarification and wading through lots of apps that read like variations on a fax theme. Our goal is to find the simplest possible answer to your question.

Does Google Have a Fax App?

Google does not offer its own fax app. If you search for “fax” on the Google Play app store or the G-Suite marketplace, you will find pages of third-party apps offering all kinds of variations on faxing. The same is true for both Chrome browser plugins and android apps. Some stand alone, some integrate with specific productivity tools (including Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Apple’s iWork tools). Strangely, while Google offers, by far, the most widely-used office tools and a free phone app (Google Voice), they don’t offer their own fax app.

How Online Faxing Works

Read the details on a few of the third-party fax apps and you notice a pattern: Regardless of how it is integrated with any sort of office product, the app is connected with an “online fax service”. This is because online faxing has to go through an actual phone line at some point. An online fax service is where the fax you send or receive gets transferred between the internet and the phone line. Lots of companies are vying to do this for you. That’s why there are so many apps.

Doing a Narrow Apps Search

Actually, it makes sense to sort these apps before you look at the comments. You have some key questions to ask yourself: do I want to fax from my computer or my phone? Do I need the app to integrate with a specific tool (like Microsoft Word or Google Sheets)? Do I want the app to do more than fax, such as organize and archive faxes I’ve sent/received? These apps (and the fax services behind them) offer everything from bare-bones faxing to full virtual offices complete with voice phone lines and productivity suite integration.

Yikes! The Comments!

Once you know the features you’re seeking, do a narrowed search for just the apps that fit. Now read the comments. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Even after the routine of ignoring the one-star reviews (people with grudges) and the five-stars (the vendor glowingly reviewing itself), there are a lot to wade through. We find that the frustrations center around three themes:

  1. Installation/app integration frustrations
  2. App updates breaking integration/features
  3. Being locked into one device (i.e. your laptop or phone)

What If You Kept Things Simple?

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a solid app out there for you. The best ones seem to keep it simple by specializing in integration with just one office tool (i.e. Word or Excel or Powerpoint) or being completely standalone without app integrations. But what if you went even simpler? Can I send a fax from my Gmail?

Faxing Entirely With Gmail

A number of online fax services will let you fax directly with Gmail rather than requiring a separate app. This means you are completely platform-independent and don’t have to install an app. Anywhere you have Gmail, you basically have a fax machine. We favor RingCentral because it keeps things incredibly simple. You get your own dedicated local fax number, and you fax just like you were emailing, by simply attaching the document you’re faxing. There’s also a full-featured 30-day trial to test-drive it. The fax process goes like this:

  1. Start an email
  2. Attach the document you’re faxing
  3. Address the email with the recipient’s number
  4. Send
  5. Receive a confirmation email

Conclusion: No Fax App Needed

Bottom line is, there are lots of fax apps on the Google Play store, but none of them are by Google. Almost all of them are connected to an online fax service. But there’s also a simpler way: fax directly from Gmail, the tool you’ve already mastered. It’s the app for that.

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Can I Fax Without a Landline?

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Even in today’s digital world, faxing still holds an important place in business. Fax machines and multipurpose printers require dedicated landlines, however, which are not as readily available as they once were. Fortunately, there are digital options for faxing that do not require a landline. Online fax services allow users to send and receive faxes through email accounts. Today we will take a look at why a landline is required for fax machines, and how to send a fax online using an online fax service.

We recommend RingCentral for your online faxing needs. They offer a number of convenient services for their clients, and they provide a 30-day free trial for all new users, so they are an excellent option, especially for people who have not used online fax services before.

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Why Do Fax Machines Need Landlines?

If you have a fax machine, you are going to need a dedicated landline for that machine to work. A fax machine must be connected to a landline in order to send or receive faxes. This is due to the fact that faxes are digital signals designed to transmit via analog phone lines. Faxes will become scrambled if they are sent over internet phone lines and are not receiveable.

Can VoIP Lines Send Faxes?

VoIP lines, or Voice over Internet Protocol lines, and apps like Snapchat and Facebook Video enable people to make calls using the internet. However, they are not able to send or receive faxes. In order to send faxes online, an online fax service is needed.

How to Send a Fax Online Using An Online Fax Service

In order to fax without a landline, an online fax service is necessary. Online fax services allow you to send and receive faxes using a smartphone app, desktop software, or email. These fax services, like RingCentral, host the fax lines, the storage, and the software necessary for users to send faxes online without fax machines or landlines. When you sign up with an online fax service, you receive access to that service’s software, allowing you to send and receive faxes via the internet.

How Does an Online Fax Service Send Faxes Over the Internet?

Online fax services essentially convert faxes into PDF documents that can be sent and received via email. This allows you to view and send faxes using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. It is important to note that while you can view and send faxes online with a cell phone utilizing an online fax service, the cell phone cannot carry a fax signal on its own.

Why Choose RingCentral?

We recommend RingCentral because of the features they offer. RingCentral is the #1 online fax service available because you can:

  • Send faxes from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Review faxes that you’ve sent or received via detailed fax logs in your online account
  • Block faxes that don’t have caller ID
  • Access an encrypted internet connection to ensure that the important information you are faxing is secure
  • Access 24/7 support to answer any questions that you might have

Faxes are still an important part of business and life, even in today’s digital world, but fax machines with dedicated landlines are not as easy to come by as they previously were. If your home office or workspace does not already have a dedicated landline, and you have been wondering how to send a fax online, RingCentral is one of the best online fax services available to you today.

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Can I Send a Free Fax from My Computer?

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Yes, you can send a free fax from your computer. In fact, it’s so easy you’ll be tempted to describe it as mind-blowing. Assuming you have an internet connection, you could start from scratch and have your fax set up and delivered in about 15 minutes. The best part? You’re going to learn how to send a fax from email. It couldn’t be more simple!

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How to Send a Fax From Email

We admit this is a weird concept. Faxes typically go over phone lines, so why should you care how to send a fax from email? The answer: simplicity.

First, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere you access your email. This includes your computer and your smartphone: no software or apps to install. Second, it means you can manage your faxes just like they were emails.

Free Fax in Three, Five-Minute Steps

Email faxing requires an email faxing service. When you send an email fax through the service, it coverts your email’s attachment into a fax and transmits it to the recipient’s fax machine.

There are a number of services that do this, but we have a favorite (RingCentral) because it’s secure and so easy to use.

First Five Minutes: Email Address

Technically, RingCentral will work with any email address. You just have to use that email address when you sign up for your RingCentral account. This makes sure the system connects the faxes you send with your account.

However, if you have a Gmail or Outlook email address, you can access some of RingCentral’s more advanced features. We are big fans of Gmail because it has the most advanced features, including spam filtering and powerful search and sort features that make managing email so much easier. (And it’s free.)

Second Five Minutes: Free RingCentral Trial

RingCentral offers a free, no-strings-attached 30-day free trial of their fax system. This allows you to send up to 1,500 pages of faxes at no cost. If you’re desperate to send just that one fax, then consider this a “how to send a fax from email for free” guide.

Maybe you need to send faxes occasionally on an on-going basis, though. A lot of users like all the “virtual office” features (including a personal local fax number for sending and receiving) and decide to subscribe. That’s what free trials are for. Hop over to RingCentral and sign up.

Third Five Minutes: Addressing and Sending

Now comes the real mind-bender: with the RingCentral fax service, the recipient’s fax number literally becomes an email address, and you send/receive faxes by emailing to it.

For example, if you’re faxing Jenny’s fax machine at 1-555-867-5309, you email your fax to The suffix sends your email to RingCentral’s system.

Special Note: Scanning Your Document

If your document is in paper form, you need to scan it so that you can attach it to your fax email. You can do this in the old-school way with a desktop scanner. However, a number of free apps can turn your smartphone into a pocket scanner, and iCloud and Dropbox have this function built right in.

Did We Make Computer Faxing Easy?

We were amazed the first time, too. Not only does this fax system make “emailing” a fax simple, but it also makes finding and archiving your sent and received faxes exactly like managing the rest of your email. Nobody even has to know you don’t have a fax machine. Best of all, your fax is entirely free if you use that 30-day free trial!

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How to Fax From Gmail: In 15 Minutes, You’ll Never Need (or Want) a Fax Machine Again

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Yay, you got a new gig! But, ugh, you’re required to send/receive faxes. Who faxes these days? It’s been so long since you’ve had to send or receive a fax that you finally donated your fax machine to Goodwill. Do you have to get a new one? No: you just have to learn how to fax from Gmail.

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How to Fax From Gmail

It is so easy to fax from Gmail that you may never want to (or have to) deal with a fax machine again. A Gmail fax account is essentially a no-effort way to add full fax capabilities to your Gmail account. For you, it’s just like sending or receiving an email with attachments. The person on the other end of the fax transmission sends or receives their fax via whatever fax machine they normally use.

15 Minutes Max to a Successful Fax!

Minutes 1-5: Sign Up for Gmail

This assumes, of course, that you do not already have a Gmail account. If you do, you’ll save five minutes by skipping to the next step. If you need one, hop over to and create one. It’s free and you get a massive amount of free storage. You also get top-of-the-line spam filtering and some handy features like AI-generate reminders to reply to emails you might have accidentally ignored.

Minutes 6-10: Sign Up for a Fax Account

The one thing Gmail doesn’t have built in is faxing. However, that’s easily solved in this five-minute how to fax from Gmail step. You just need an online fax account. There are a number of services that provide variations on this. For pure simplicity, we favor RingCentral and its 30-day free trial.

Free 30-Day Gmail Faxing Trial

RingCentral is a subscription service that gives you your own local fax number that allows you to send/receive unlimited faxes up to a total of 1,500 pages. That means you could send 1,500 one-page faxes or a single 1,500-page fax. Most of us will send somewhere in the middle of that. The service is incredibly easy to use and even has 24/7 live telephone support if you need it.

The Fax Number Becomes an Email Address

One reason we love RingCentral is that it integrates seamlessly with Gmail. There is nothing to install. You simply address an email using the recipient’s fax number (including country and area code) as an email address For example, if your recipient’s fax number is 1-234-567-8910, you simply Gmail their fax machine at It’s that easy. If they fax you back, it shows up in your Gmail inbox with the same fax number address.

Minutes 11-15: Scan Your Fax Document

The final step is to scan the document (assuming it is paper). With Gmail fax, you attach the document you are faxing just like you were emailing. This requires it to be a recognized format like a PDF file. There are great free smartphone apps that will turn your phone’s camera into a scanner. iCloud and Dropbox have them built directly into the system. A moment’s Googling will find you easy instructions.

You’ll Never Need (or Want) a Fax Machine Again

Fifteen minutes of effort and your new gig is safe. Your Gmail account is your new fax machine. It fits in your laptop. It fits in your smartphone. You can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Bonus: it perfectly organizes everything for you. Not only do you not have to go buy a new fax machine, but you may never need (or want) a fax machine again.

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How Can I Send a Fax for Free?

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Fax machines have evolved to keep up with the times, and there are now online fax services that eliminate the need for bulky machines and dedicated landlines. If you search ‘can you fax from Gmail,’ you’ll find a variety of options, but which ones are the best? Are any services truly free? We’ll share tips on how to navigate the options and quickly connect with the best choice for you.  

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Can You Fax From Gmail?

Yes! In a few steps, you can be ready to send a fax through Gmail, meaning your recipient gets the assurance of safely transmitted documents with the ease and efficiency of Gmail.

First, you pick an online fax provider, and they give you a fax number. Then log in to Gmail and start a new mail using the fax number like you would an email address. You can attach documents of all kinds to your mail and then send. It works with scans, photos, PDFs: any document you can email, you can efax.

How Can I Fax for Free?

To send an online fax through Gmail, you need a Google fax number. Online fax service providers are the only ones who can give you a number. So, can you fax from Gmail for free? Yes. Some providers, like the premium provider, RingCentral, offer free 30-day trials. Others offer some limited free options, like several pages from one IP address per day.

Although the terms and conditions will vary, there are providers you can use for sending that once-in-a-lifetime fax. Just know, however, that with free services, your fax might get plastered with outgoing ads. Some free offers also send via their platform, never connecting with your Gmail and leaving you without ongoing access to the documents you faxed. For really private information or ongoing peace of mind, paying packages are relatively inexpensive, offer much better security, and keep you ready to connect whenever the need arises.

What Will a Paid Service Get Me?

For those who literally only need to fax once a decade or so, there’s no need to read further. However, for the versatile business person or savvy graduate student, there is often a regular need to send documents via fax. To be prepared, you want to keep the foundation of a Gmail fax ready to go at a moment’s notice.

There are still fax users opting for this choice because of the sensitive nature of the documents they share, so you don’t want to use a platform you can’t trust. Giving you secure access to fax for whenever it might be needed, a paid service is the best option.

Our Recommendation

RingCentral is the leading provider with the newest innovations in mobile fax apps, reporting at your fingertips, and a variety of pricing plans, so you pay according to what you need. Their 30-day Free Trial gives you a chance to try them out and weigh all the advantages that come with continuing the package that matches your needs.

From the university asking for personal information to the global company that prefers the security of fax, there are many organizations that you’ll need a fax to reach. While there are free and easy ways to fax, there is also a wide array of excellent services with serious advantages worth considering. Weigh the options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Can I Send a Fax Online?

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Have you been sideswiped with a request for your fax number? Maybe you’re scrambling to find a fax machine now that your newest potential client wants to transmit some sensitive info through this tried and true method. The occasional request for fax is enough of a motivator to keep this medium ready so your office can stay focused on your bottom line. Next time you ask for a fax, you can be prepared to send a fax online.

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Sending Fax Online: The Basics

Fax, the old way, is accomplished by sending data via a dial-up modem from a dedicated machine, either manually switching lines or having it always connected to a dedicated line. With the tech world continually evolving, it’s no wonder that the bulky machines and solitary lines have seen their day.

However, fax has kept itself viable by joining the online revolution. Sending a fax can be done easily through an online service provider who connects you to an internet fax number. Their systems do all the heavy lifting to maintain the numbers and transmit the data.

How to Fax Online

1. Pick a Provider

First, you need a provider so you can have an online fax number, and you need to pick a provider who gives you what you want. There are free deals advertised across the internet, but often these deals are very limited on the number of pages, IP addresses, and the number of transmissions you can send.

You also want to make sure to pick a provider who is a trustworthy as they are convenient, as the fax recipient you’re working with has probably chosen fax because it’s secure for dealing with sensitive information. Don’t ruin the relationship you’re fostering by compromising your data.

There are many providers to consider, so weigh the options to pick the one whose offers best align with your needs. We recommend starting with industry-leaders like RingCentral. Their option for a 30-day free trial gets you faxing quickly but gives you the choice of upgrading to a stable package. With quite a few packages to choose from, there’s most likely a great fit that prioritizes your needs, matching your budget.

2. Pick a number

There will be options to match your area code and echo the phone number you already have tied to your business. Alternately, there are also toll-free numbers to choose from: even worldwide.

3. Fill In Forms

Finish the registration process with your information and link your new online fax number to your Gmail. This is a simple matter the online service provider will guide you through.

4. Get Faxing

Now you’re ready to send or receive a fax. Any faxes you receive will be in your inbox like an ordinary email, with the attachments being the documents faxed. To send faxes, you follow the same protocol for sending a normal email. Have your documents ready to attach to the email (pdf, scans, jpg, gif, etc.) Then enter your receiver’s fax number where you’d typically place an email address.

Your subject line will be the title, and your text will be whatever you’d like on a cover letter. Press SEND and your first fax is on its way.

Sending a fax is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and with so many options available, it’s as cost-effective as it is easy. To keep on top of all the needs your clients might have, you now have a streamlined way to deal with any request.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!

Can I Send a Fax Over Wi-Fi?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:12 pm

Ever since Steve Jobs used a Hulu hoop to prove that a MacBook with Wi-Fi could get online without wires, we’ve dreamed of simpler technology. That was two decades ago. Today’s smartphones, which essentially put a wire-free supercomputer in your pocket, are that dream realized. And an almost-ironic melding of ancient and modern tech will allow you to send a fax over wi-fi using one of these devices.

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How to Fax Over Internet and Wi-Fi

There are traditional fax machines that allow you to fax over the internet. You might even have an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax machine capable of this. However, this feature typically requires installing some software and figuring out that cryptic LED printer menu. An infinitesimally easier way to fax over the internet is with Gmail.

I Can Fax With Gmail?

In fact, sending a fax with Gmail is identical to sending an email. You’ll barely realize you’re faxing. To do it, you will need three things:

A Gmail Account

To send a fax through Gmail, you need a Gmail account. If you do not already have one, they are free and take only moments to sign up for.  It’s probably time for you to upgrade how you email, anyway.

An Internet Fax Account

Though Gmail is the front-edge of email functionality and ease-of-use, it does not have a built-in fax function. However, a fax account connected to your Gmail address solves this. There are a number of services that will provide this, but we recommend RingCentral for its sheer ease-of-use, among other factors:

  • Integrates directly with Gmail
  • You get your own fax number
  • Sending/receiving is literally just an email
  • Generous 30-day free trial

Documents Must Be Digital

This sounds more complicated than it is. Basically, to fax a document through Gmail, you attach it to the email just like you would any regular email. This means the documents have to be on your device in an attachable format, such as a Word document or a PDF file. If your document is paper, you will need to scan it.

Turn Your Phone Into a Scanner

This brings us back to clunky devices in our home office. If you have a scanner, great. If you don’t have a scanner, there are easy-to-use apps that turn your smartphone’s camera into a pocket scanner. You literally just take a picture of each page in your document and the phone does the work. It’s often a higher-quality scan than a desktop scanner. Both Dropbox and iCloud have these functions built right in.

How Easy Is This?

With a RingCentral account, sending a fax is as easy as sending an email. In fact, the process is exactly the same. Start an email. Attach the files you want to fax. Your “subject” line becomes a fax cover sheet.

You address the email with the recipient’s fax number (including country and area code), followed by Thus, if your recipient’s fax number is 1-555-867-5309, you “Gmail” your fax to them at It’s that easy. Any faxes you receive through Gmail show up with the same address format, showing the sender’s fax number from

Fax to the Future

It’s amazing to think of how many devices that little slab of metal and glass in your pocket can replace. Paper notepads, printers, cameras, fax machines, and scanners, to name a few. Now, if we could just extend that battery life by a few more days, we’d truly be in Steve Jobs’ future!

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!

Does Google Have a Free Fax Service?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:14 pm

Yes, faxing is still a thing. You may find yourself having to fax documents for a variety of reasons, but who owns fax machines nowadays? And who wants to pay to fax a document? There are free fax services out there, but the question to ask is: does Google offer a free fax service? The quick answer: no…but you can fax for free via Google using a third-party service. Our recommended choice of web-based fax services, RingCentral, will provide you with a Google fax number and will allow you to send and receive faxes for free.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days! 

How Does Online Faxing Work?

Online fax services work as virtual fax machines. These virtual fax machines can send and receive faxes for you. The faxes are sent and received through your email, smartphone app, computer program, or a web interface. All you need is an internet connection.

Since you are going to be faxing with Google, you will use Google’s email service, Gmail, to send and receive faxes.

Faxing for Free With Google

Step 1: Sign Up for a Gmail Account

The first thing to do is to sign up for a Gmail account. The process is easy, painless, and fast. Simply visit and follow the instructions to create your own Gmail account.

Step 2: Choose a Web-Based Fax Company

There are many web-based fax companies from which you can choose. Some of the most popular are:

  • RingCentral
  • iFax
  • HelloFax
  • FaxZero
  • FaxBurner

Our pick? RingCentral, which is currently offering a promotion that allows users to fax free for 30 days.

Step 3: Compose an Email

First, log in to your Gmail account and then click on the “Compose Email” button. Your subject line acts as your fax cover sheet. Simply type whatever you would like for your cover page into the subject line.

In the body of the email, type the message you would like to send as your main fax. Add any attachments you would like included in your fax. Attachments could include a photo, Word document, scan, PDF, or any other type of document.

Step 4: Enter the Fax Number as the Email Address

Normally, you would enter an email address in the “To” field of an email. However, since you are sending a fax, you will enter the receiving fax number, and the fax number should be followed by “” Here is an example:

Step 5: Send Your Fax 

The final step is to click the “Send” button. Once you have clicked send, your fax has been sent. It’s that easy!

What if I Want to Receive a Fax?

What if you are on the opposite side of faxing, and you need to receive a fax? Don’t worry–Google has you covered.

Step 1: Sign Up for Gmail and Choose a Web-Based Fax Service

As described in the above list of steps, you will need to sign up for a Gmail account and select a web-based fax service. This is necessary to receive faxes as well as send them.

Step 2: Sign Up and Choose Your Google Fax Number

When you sign up for your web-based fax service of choice, you will be prompted to select either a local or toll-free Google fax number. This is the fax number you can provide to friends, family, or colleagues if they want to send you a fax.

As you can see, faxing for free through Google is quite simple. If you need to send or receive a fax, try RingCentral, as they currently have a promotion going on that will allow you to fax for free.

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