Can I Fax Through Google?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:30 pm

Many businesses still rely on faxing documents. A fax is considered a legal document, and some individuals prefer to conduct their communications through this technology. By using a Google fax service, you can eliminate the need for a fax line and transfer your fax needs to a Google account.

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Google Fax Service

A Google fax service allows you to send or receive a document to or from a fax number through your Gmail account for a minimal monthly fee. Although there are many web sites that claim they can provide this service for free, the reality is that most of the free services place significant restrictions on the number of faxes you can send in a month. We recommend RingCentral, where you can easily set up an account at a great price with few limits and good security.

Get a Gmail Account

Gmail is one of the most popular free email services available and is already widely used in business. You can use your existing Gmail account for this service, or you can set up a new account if you prefer.

All that is required to secure a Gmail account is to list your name, select a username, and provide a password and birthdate. Individuals commonly use a generated birthdate to protect privacy, but be sure to keep a record of the information in case you get locked out.

Go to RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the best email-to-fax services available. Go to their web page and click on the link that allows you to start your free 30 day trial for their web fax service. There are several options for choosing a number, including toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and local numbers. On the last page you will fill in the rest of your contact information.

Compose an Email

Once you have completed the setup, you will find the service to be easy and convenient. Sending a fax is as simple as composing an email in your regular Gmail account. Click on the compose button and fill in the subject, body, and add attachments just as if you were writing a normal email. All of these elements will be reproduced in the fax. Keep in mind that the subject line will function as the cover sheet for your message.

Enter the Fax Number

When you are ready to send the fax, go to the “to” field of your email. Instead of typing in an email address, you will type in the destination fax number followed by “,” assuming you are using RingCentral. Be sure to type in only the number leaving out any parenthesis or dashes. Including the number in the To field instructs your web fax service to convert the email to a fax and send it to the destination number. All you have to do is send the email and the fax will be sent on its way.

Convenient and Practical

Taking advantage of a web-based fax service is often a less expensive and more practical means of ensuring your business has fax capability. Be wary of free services that might limit the number of pages you can send per month, or might even include advertisements in your faxes. Your service is likely to provide you with a receipt that shows the exact content of the sent fax.

A Google fax service is a great way to eliminate costs and improve productivity. It also provides a convenient digital copy of all your communications that isn’t possible with standard fax machines.

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