Can I Receive Faxes With a Google Fax Number?

Services that allow you to send faxes through your email account are more popular than ever. However, many people still question whether they can receive faxes with a Google fax number: and the answer is yes.

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Can I Receive Faxes With a Google Fax Number?

Nowadays, you can receive faxes right into your email inbox. All you need to do is use an online fax service, and you’ll be able to decide which of your inboxes you’d like your faxes sent to. The fax service you choose will also supply you with the fax number that you’ll give out to the people needing to send you documents in this manner.

How Will the Fax Show up for Me?

Traditional faxes are printed out on paper, so digital faxes are received in a manner as similar to this as possible. If it’s a multi-page fax, then you’ll receive a PDF document where each digital page is the same as a physical one. If it’s a single-page fax, then you may just receive an image file.

Do I Need a Printer to Receive Digital Faxes?

You don’t need a printer to receive faxes, so whether or not you need a printer in your office or home office depends on how your business operates. If your employers or employees need you to print out physical documents to sign and file physically, then yes, you’ll need a printer to go with your digital fax service. Luckily, modern printers are easy to acquire, and many don’t take up a lot of space.

If you’re not expected to print out the documents, then you can simply save them digitally. If you still need to sign documents, then you can use a digital signature. Most of the time, businesses opt to keep their digital faxes fully online and paper-free.

Is It Safe to Receive Faxes Via Email?

Receiving faxes via your email inbox is safer than receiving standard emails, as digital faxes are sent on different networks than emails. These digital fax networks are connected to fewer additional servers and devices, making them more secure. This is why many businesses still opt to use digital faxes rather than sending their files in a standard email.

How Can I Send a Digital Fax Back?

1. Check Your Online Fax Service

Your online fax service doesn’t just supply you with a fax number and give you the ability to receive faxes through your email. It also lets you send faxes back.

It gives you the use of a suffix that works in place of the regular “” suffix of an email address. When you’re sending a fax, you input the recipient’s fax number followed by the suffix of your fax service. For example, you’ll send your fax to

2. Prepare a Cover Sheet

Don’t include your fax’s cover sheet as part of the document you’re sending. Instead, paste the information into the email’s subject line. This can be as little as a few words about the subject of the fax, or it can be a full, page-long note regarding it.

3. Attach Your Fax Documents

If you need to fax an image or just a single page of information, then you can attach an image file. When sending multiple pages, you’ll ideally send a PDF, but any kind of document you can open with a word processor will work.

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