Can I Send a Fax From My Cell Phone?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:30 pm

Internet faxing through cloud solutions is as convenient as it is secure and fast. To streamline business with companies that still prefer fax, you have to be ready for the occasional transmission. While the fax machine has seen better days, sending and receiving PDFs through an online fax number is a continuing need across industries and across the globe. The good news is, you can fax without investing in a dedicated land-line, or accruing high monthly online premiums. Here’s a review of all you need to know about sending a fax from Gmail: even from your cell phone.

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What Is an Email Fax?

When someone sends or receives a fax through email, their internet fax provider digitizes the data. Turning the content into a PDF, the provider forwards it to the recipient. Without a dedicated connection line or physical machine, you can transmit faxes anywhere simply through Gmail.

Steps to Sending a Fax From Gmail

You’ll need a Gmail account and an online fax service. Then it’s 3 simple steps, and you’ll be up and sending a fax from Gmail in no time.

Step 1: Pick an Online Fax Service

Browse the options to pick the best fit for you. See our recommendations below to cover you whether you need the service for an occasional fax or something more regular and robust.

Step 2: Register and Connect

Fill in their forms and then choose your number (local or toll-free) and link it to your Gmail

Step 3: Send Your Gmail Fax

  • Login to Gmail as usual
  • In your new email, type the destination fax number where you usually put an email address: Example:
  • Fill in your subject line as the cover letter for your fax
  • Attach anything you want to fax (pdf, photo, scan, etc.)
  • Press SEND, and you’re sending a fax from Gmail

Gmail Fax Advantages

We all love extras, and the best online fax service providers give you some real advantages. Check out the following standard features that you get when you start sending a fax from Gmail.

  • Compatible with iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Easily store and access documents
  • Fast communication
  • More secure than email
  • Stores signatures for legally binding documents
  • Scheduling features to set up delivery times and dates
  • Detailed reports at your fingertips

Reasons to Get a Paid Service

The only way to get a Google fax number is through an online fax service provider. Currently, there are no truly free providers. Some providers give you an initial few pages over limited periods, while others put advertising all over your data. Beyond the limitations and inconvenience, there is the issue of security. Often sensitive documents end up going through fax, and in these cases, you don’t want to just give personal details to anyone when you’re sending a fax from Gmail.

Our Recommendation

For the most secure and advantageous option, we recommend RingCentral. This leading provider is the best for a few reasons: slick integrated mobile apps, detailed reports, and flexible pricing plans so you pay for what you need. You can try them out free 30-day trial that includes all the extras their premium users get.

While faxing continues to evolve, it remains a player because there are consumers and customers who still rely on it. Gmail faxing is a great way to connect without buying hardware and doesn’t require spending high monthly premiums. For organizations that still don’t like receiving docs through email, fax is a reassuring and secure way to connect. Try a provider whose package matches your needs and start online faxing with ease today.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!