Can I Send a Fax Online?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:08 pm

Have you been sideswiped with a request for your fax number? Maybe you’re scrambling to find a fax machine now that your newest potential client wants to transmit some sensitive info through this tried and true method. The occasional request for fax is enough of a motivator to keep this medium ready so your office can stay focused on your bottom line. Next time you ask for a fax, you can be prepared to send a fax online.

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Sending Fax Online: The Basics

Fax, the old way, is accomplished by sending data via a dial-up modem from a dedicated machine, either manually switching lines or having it always connected to a dedicated line. With the tech world continually evolving, it’s no wonder that the bulky machines and solitary lines have seen their day.

However, fax has kept itself viable by joining the online revolution. Sending a fax can be done easily through an online service provider who connects you to an internet fax number. Their systems do all the heavy lifting to maintain the numbers and transmit the data.

How to Fax Online

1. Pick a Provider

First, you need a provider so you can have an online fax number, and you need to pick a provider who gives you what you want. There are free deals advertised across the internet, but often these deals are very limited on the number of pages, IP addresses, and the number of transmissions you can send.

You also want to make sure to pick a provider who is a trustworthy as they are convenient, as the fax recipient you’re working with has probably chosen fax because it’s secure for dealing with sensitive information. Don’t ruin the relationship you’re fostering by compromising your data.

There are many providers to consider, so weigh the options to pick the one whose offers best align with your needs. We recommend starting with industry-leaders like RingCentral. Their option for a 30-day free trial gets you faxing quickly but gives you the choice of upgrading to a stable package. With quite a few packages to choose from, there’s most likely a great fit that prioritizes your needs, matching your budget.

2. Pick a number

There will be options to match your area code and echo the phone number you already have tied to your business. Alternately, there are also toll-free numbers to choose from: even worldwide.

3. Fill In Forms

Finish the registration process with your information and link your new online fax number to your Gmail. This is a simple matter the online service provider will guide you through.

4. Get Faxing

Now you’re ready to send or receive a fax. Any faxes you receive will be in your inbox like an ordinary email, with the attachments being the documents faxed. To send faxes, you follow the same protocol for sending a normal email. Have your documents ready to attach to the email (pdf, scans, jpg, gif, etc.) Then enter your receiver’s fax number where you’d typically place an email address.

Your subject line will be the title, and your text will be whatever you’d like on a cover letter. Press SEND and your first fax is on its way.

Sending a fax is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and with so many options available, it’s as cost-effective as it is easy. To keep on top of all the needs your clients might have, you now have a streamlined way to deal with any request.

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