Can I Send an Email Fax to Multiple Numbers at the Same Time?

By now, you are probably aware that it’s easy and intuitive to send a fax by email, particularly if you send a fax from Gmail. Of course, everyone’s going to have some questions about the process, and a common one is whether you can send a fax to multiple numbers simultaneously. The fast answer is yes, and if you keep reading, we’ll tell you how to do it.

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Send a Fax from Gmail to Multiple Numbers

If you are used to the way a traditional fax machine works, you may be worried that sending a fax from Gmail means you have to send a separate email for each. After all, that’s how it works with a traditional fax machine. You stand there, hoping that you have the pages turned the right way, and you punch in the number you want to reach.

You wait for the right tone, and then you carefully feed the pages through one at a time, hoping you have the rhythm just right so that the entire fax will send as one document. Then, you do it all over again for your next number. Great news: with email fax, all you have to do is put all the numbers you want to fax into your address bar. Here are the details:

Sign Up for a Third-Party Fax Service

Your email account does not have a faxing service, so you must sign up for a third-party service like RingCentral. That’s because faxes must be sent according to international faxing protocol, meaning they have to be sent over regular telephone lines and not the Internet. Once you sign up with your service, you can fax directly from their app online, fax from your email once you link it, or use the RingCentral app on any of your devices.

Open an Email

If you are choosing to use your email rather than the service’s desktop or mobile app, which most people do simply because it’s so simple and intuitive, all you have to do is open or compose a new email. You will put your recipient’s fax number into the address bar, followed by the suffix Your result will look something like this:

Notice that there are no spaces or special characters in that telephone number. Just put in the numbers themselves.

Multiple Recipients

If you want to send to several people at once, all you have to do is add all the numbers into the address bar, each followed by a comma, just as you would add multiple email addresses if you were sending an email. Note that you can fax to a max of 50 people at a time.

If you need to fax to more than 50 people regularly, that can be accommodated, too, however. RingCentral offers something called Fax Broadcasting, which allows you to send batch faxes in huge numbers. It’s worth looking into if you have a business that uses fax regularly.

Add Documents and Send

Your final step is simply to attach the documents you want to send, just like you would attach documents to any email. You can put your cover letter in the subject line, if you want a cover letter, but be sure to keep the email body section empty. Nothing in that section will get sent. Then you simply hit send, and your email is on its way to RingCentral, where it will be faxed to all your recipients.

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