Can I Send Multiple Documents When Faxing From Gmail?

Sending a fax with your email account is a common task for many remote workers. When you send a fax from Gmail, you can save a lot of time and money since you won’t need to invest in a fax machine or spend money on sending individual pages. This can be particularly important if you need to send multiple documents frequently.

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Can I Send Multiple Documents When Faxing From Gmail?

When you send a fax from Gmail, the biggest advantage is being able to send multiple documents at one time. Many online fax services allow you to send up to 200 pages converted as PDF files simultaneously. The upper limit for the date you can send is about 20 MB, which means you can send several dozen pages in an instant.

Sending multiple documents over digital fax is similar to sending multiple documents over email as an attachment. To send multiple documents, you simply have to upload these documents to the digital fax form and hit send.

Can Email Fax Send Documents to Multiple Recipients?

Using digital fax can also help you send documents to multiple recipients. This is another way virtual fax can save you time. Instead of sending documents to multiple recipients one by one, you can simply add the fax number for multiple contacts to your online fax form and send documents to all eligible numbers.

How to Send a Fax From Gmail

To send a fax using your email account, you must have an active email account that is compatible with your third-party online fax provider. Whether you are using an email plug-in or a VoIP provider for your online fax needs, you must have an email account that you regularly use and can access easily.

This is important because your online fax service will attach a digital fax number to your email, which is what will be used to create the secure channel used to send your online fax. The email account you use can be a personal email, a work-assigned email, or a new email account you intend to use only for online fax needs. Other steps include:

Compose New Email

Sending a digital fax is similar to sending an email. To send your virtual fax, you first compose a new email on your laptop, tablet, or another smart device. When you compose a new email, you can input a subject line or add text as a cover page.

Input Fax Number

Next, you will need to input the fax number you want to send your digital fax. You will put the fax number in the same field as an email address. You can input multiple fax numbers to send to multiple recipients during this step.

Attach Documents

Next, you will need to attach the documents you want to send over virtual fax. Digital fax works best with text documents, such as PDF files, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word documents. Some online fax services will automatically convert your documents into PDF format.

Await Confirmation

After attaching your documents, you will send your fax by hitting “send.” From there, your fax will be sent using end-to-end encryption that is secured by your digital fax number. Some services will provide a confirmation when your digital fax has been received.

Although sending a fax may not be something you need to do every day, it’s still much more convenient to send a fax with your email account. When you send a digital fax, you can send multiple documents to multiple people at once.

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