Can You Send a Fax From an Android Phone?

You may have heard that you can now send faxes without a fax machine, but perhaps you’re unsure what devices you can do it from. You can now send a fax from any internet-connected device you can use Gmail on. Let’s look at how to fax from phone and tablet devices with Android operating systems.

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How to Fax from Phone and Tablet Android Devices

1. Download or Open Gmail

Having the Gmail app is far more convenient than constantly having to open Gmail in your browser, and most Android devices come with Gmail and other Google suite apps already installed. You don’t need any special type of Gmail account if you want to send faxes from your Android device, either. Any personal or business Gmail account will suffice.

2. Find an Online Fax Service

Now you need a service that lets you use internet fax lines rather than normal internet lines. These internet fax lines are safer than the regular email networks your normal emails are sent through. Choose a service you can access from your browser, as these are the most trustworthy services you can send faxes with.

If you choose a highly reputable service, then your first month is usually free. After your first 30 days, you’ll pay an affordable monthly fee to send faxes via Gmail.

3. Create Your Fax

Digital faxes consist of two parts: your cover page and your attachment. You should type up your cover page in another application, such as Google Docs, so you can easily edit and proofread it. Once you finish it, copy and paste the text into the subject line of your email.

The body of the email should remain free of text, as this is where you’ll attach the file you wish to send. If you’re faxing from an Android device, then you’re probably going to upload a file from Google Drive or Google Docs. You can also upload files from the files section of your Android device if you need to. However, make sure you’re sending a PDF or a document file. Never send multiple image files unless they’re included in a document/PDF.

4. Add Your Recipient

You may feel like you’re sending an email, but you’re not. Get the fax number of the person you wish to send the fax to, then add the suffix your fax service provided you with after the fax number.

For example, you’ll end up with something like There’s no need to include the recipient’s email address in the bar before you hit send.

Can the Person I Send a Fax to Reply?

You’ll receive a fax number of your own when you sign up for an online fax service. If you need to receive faxes, then give people this fax number. This will let people send you digital faxes in return, and you’ll receive them via your email inbox and be able to view them like a normal email.

Can Google See the Contents of These Faxes?

Google employees can’t see the contents of your digital faxes. They can’t see the contents of your regular emails, either. The only people who can see what you’re sending are you and your recipient.

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