Can You Send a Fax From GMail?

These days, people are looking for easy, fast ways to send faxes without a fax machine. It may lead you to ask, can you send a fax from Gmail? You’ll be happy to hear that yes, it’s possible to send a fax right from your Gmail account without using plug-ins or additional applications.

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Easy 4-Step Method to Send a Fax from Gmail

1. Use an Internet Faxing Service

To access the networks you need to send your faxes through, you’ll need to use an internet faxing service. You’ll pay a small fee every month, and in return, you’ll be able to send faxes over the Internet. The service will give you a suffix to use alongside people’s fax numbers. You’ll also get a fax number of your own so you can receive faxes, too. You can receive these faxes right into your Gmail inbox.

2. Create a Cover Page

Your fax cover page should be sent in the subject line of your email composition box. Simply compose your cover page in Google Docs, proofread and edit it as necessary, then copy and paste it into the subject line of the email composition box. Don’t worry if your cover page has a lot of text on it; Gmail has no limit on how many characters you can put in the subject line.

3. Insert a Document

Place any document you wish to send into the empty email body. Sending a PDF file is best, but any word processor-compatible file type will also work. You can also insert image files, though it will be easier for your recipient if you compile multiple image files in a PDF document. Doing so is better than sending these images as individual files. Avoid placing any important text into the email body, as this will not be sent.

4. Add Your Recipient’s Fax Number

Enter your recipient’s fax number in the recipient bar of your email. Insert the suffix supplied to you by your internet fax provider. For example, if you’re using Ring Central, then you’ll put You’ll use the fax service’s suffix instead of the one you’d use when sending an email. Add any other recipients you need to send documents to, then send the message like a regular email.

Gmail Faxing: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Send a Fax from Gmail on Your Phone?

Yes, you can send a fax from Gmail using your phone, tablet, or any device you can feasibly access Gmail on. This device should also be able to store files or access Google Drive so you can upload your documents.

2. Is It Safe to Send Faxes from Gmail?

Gmail is one of the safest email services there is. The type of encryption used ensures your ISP can’t see the contents of your emails or faxes. Furthermore, digital faxes use more secure networks than regular emails, so that adds a second layer of security to anything you send.

3. How Many Pages Can You Send in a Gmail Fax?

You can send up to 200 pages per fax as long as your file size stays below 20 MB.

4. Can You Send Gmail Faxes to Multiple Recipients at Once?

Yes, you can send a single Gmail fax to multiple recipients at once. The recipients can then receive the fax via their internet-connected fax machines or their Gmail inboxes, depending on how they normally receive faxes.

The easiest way to send a fax is through your Gmail account. It’s safe, simple, and highly affordable. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!