Can You Send an International Fax From Your Phone?

For many of us who grew up with laptops and smartphones, sending a fax isn’t something that we’re used to doing, but nevertheless is often a necessary part of adult life. And if you need to send a fax to another country, especially if you’re overseas, you’ll probably wondering can you fax from your phone. Luckily you can, and it’s actually not that difficult! We’ll tell you how to do it.

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Can You Fax From Your Phone Internationally?

How Is It Possible to Fax From Your Phone?

Sending a fax from your phone isn’t quite as simple as making a call or sending a text message; there’s no hidden “fax” option sitting under your messaging app! Faxing requires the use of a dedicated fax machine, much like how printing requires using a printer. While it isn’t possible to just plug your phone into a fax machine and send a fax, there are still simple workarounds that allow you to easily fax from your phone.

There are numerous digital faxing services on the market to facilitate this. To do this, you start by sending the document electronically to their server, usually via email as a PDF document. The document is then downloaded from the server and sent to your recipient using the service’s industrial fax machines. Almost as easy as sending an email!

How Does International Faxing Work?

Faxing might already be confusing enough, and sending that fax internationally might seem even more confusing! But it’s actually no more complex than sending a fax domestically. Just like with international calling, all fax machines are connected to the same global network of phone lines, and your fax will be sent to any fax number in the world so long as you enter the correct international country code.

You’ll definitely want to consider a mobile faxing solution if you’re faxing internationally, as most traditional faxing services charge significantly higher rates to fax internationally. But the good news is, this can all be done right from your phone!

Faxing Internationally From Your Phone: The Easy Method

Before you can send a fax from your phone, you’ll need to register an account with an online faxing service like RingCentral and add credit to your account. This can either be done through the service’s mobile app or by navigating to their website using your phone’s web browser if you wish to avoid installing a new app.

Then, simply go to your email app (such as Gmail or Outlook) and compose a new email with the documents you wish to fax attached. Follow the instructions provided by the faxing service for what to put in the recipient line. Usually, they will ask you to add the recipient’s fax number (in international format) to the email address. If you’re using RingCentral, the email address should look something like this (phone number imaginary):

“But wait, can you fax from your phone?” is a question we get asked all the time, and the good news is that the answer is yes, even if you’re faxing internationally! In fact, it’s not only easier but usually also cheaper than faxing overseas using a traditional faxing service. Head over to our recommended faxing service RingCentral to quickly set up an account and get the fax sent in just a few minutes, without needing anything but your phone!

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