Choose a Trusted Service When Sending a Secure Fax Over the Internet

When it’s got to go by fax, it’s got to be secure. That’s the whole point of requiring fax instead of sending a document by email. Lawyers, hospitals, government entities, and similar official groups require faxes occasionally because of their security. If you’re using an online service to fax over the internet, you want to make sure it’s a trusted service that will do it securely.

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Choose a Trusted Service When Sending a Secure Fax Over the Internet

Why Faxes Are More Secure

Foxing was invented in 1924: it’s hard to believe that that long ago, people were able to transmit documents in such a way. The first faxes, and faxes still today, were transmitted over telephone networks. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Xerox corporation introduced fax machines to the general public, though, and faxing became common for businesses.

Today, of course, email is the preferred method of communication for most people in business, but there are some times when faxes must be sent. In most cases, it boils down to security. Because faxes are sent over telephone lines, they are nearly impossible to hack. Of course, this begs the question: is it safe to use online fax services? It is when you go with a trusted service.

Is My Fax Safe With an Online Service?

When you use a third-party faxing service, the service will take the documents and transmit them over telephone lines according to international faxing protocols. If you were sending a document to your lawyer, for example, there’s always a chance that bad actors are specifically looking for those documents along the way, usually on your lawyer’s email server or stored on your lawyer’s computer. But the document will never be in those places.

Instead, your documents will go through special encryption and be sent to your fax service, which isn’t where someone looking to steal information from a law office will be looking for it. There, it will be transmitted securely over phone lines so that the physical copy arrives at your lawyer’s office and never sits on your lawyer’s servers or computers.

Why a Trusted Service Matters

When you start looking at Internet fax service providers, you’ll notice many choices. There are plenty of online services that offer free faxing options, but these are not trusted services, and you should be wary of them. Nothing in life is free, right? Those online services that say they’re offering you a free service are actually making money somewhere: by selling your information, by sticking ads on top of your fax, or in some other shady way (which usually also involves taking security pretty lightly).

That’s why it’s so important to go with a trusted service. You want a service that takes security very seriously and not only ensures everything they receive by email is encrypted but also treat all your documents sensitively after faxing them. Any service that is providing good encryption and good security is going to cost a little bit, but the good news is, it’s less than you might think.

Saving Money With Online Faxing

Really good services will offer a free trial, so you will be able to send a couple of faxes for free to test things out. Even if you need to send lots of faxes regularly, you’ll be able to do so for just pennies a page with a trusted service. If you fax at your local office supply or shipping center, you’ll be paying dollars a page, instead.

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