How Can I Create a Fax Online?

Have you been hunting for “Google fax” or something similar, trying to find a way to create a fax online? You found your answer: it’s easy to create and send a fax online with a trusted fax service like RingCentral. We’ll explain how it all works below.

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How Can I Create a Fax Online?

Sign Up With a Third-Party Fax Service

All of us use email these days, but sometimes, you just have to send a fax because the other party requires it. Your email server will not offer a fax option directly, which means you need to sign up for a fax service. Once you have, you can link your email so that sending a fax is as easy as opening an email and sending it along. Or, you can go online to the services portal and send your fax from there. We’ll explain how to do both.

Sending a Fax

The Google Fax Email Option

If you are sending your fax by email, you will simply compose a new email as normal, ideally in Gmail. In the address bar, you will put the number of the fax machine you want to reach, followed by the suffix provided by your fax service. You want to remove all special characters from the phone number, so there will be no dashes or parentheses in it. If you’re sending a fax to a machine at (403) 344-8777, for example, what’s in your email address bar will look like this:

Then, you will attach whatever documents you want to send. In the subject line, you will type in anything you want to appear as a cover letter to your fax. You put nothing whatsoever in the actual body of the email. Then, you just hit “send.” Your documents are sent to your service, and they will send them on using standard faxing protocols to your recipient’s machine. It’s as simple as that.

Other Online Options

If you prefer not to fax by email, that’s fine. You can go straight to the online portal of your fax service or use their app to send a fax. First, you will log in and then look for the icon that says “FaxOut.” Click that, and then enter your recipient’s number in the To field.

If you frequently fax to a few numbers, you can save them as contacts. Then, attach your files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or wherever else you have them. Then, simply click the “send now” button, and you are done.

Establish an Account

While you can send a one-time fax with these services, it’s even better if you get a full account and your own dedicated fax number. Once you have a number, you cannot only send a fax whenever you need, but you can also receive faxes as if you had a machine. They will come through to your email, or you can check them at your fax service’s online portal.

The especially good news is that it’s very cheap to do bulk faxing in this way. You don’t have to maintain your own telephone line dedicated to a fax machine (which can itself be expensive to maintain) or waste time sending faxes on a machine. You don’t have to pay several dollars a page at your local office supply store to send a fax, either. You can send thousands of faxes a month for just pennies a page.

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