How Can I Fax From My Computer Without a Phone Line?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:26 pm

By going online, the ax has found a way to stay active in the face of ever-changing technology. Although the heavy machines and dedicated lines are long gone, there are plenty of great options to have you ready to send a fax from the computer without breaking a sweat. 

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Best Options to Send a Fax From a Computer

To transform your computer into a fax machine without a phone line, all you need is the internet and an app. Each provider has a different bouquet, so here’s a peek at a few options on the market.

RingCentral is a favorite for its diverse packages and robust features. Their 30-day free trial is an easy way to start, with the option to upgrade anytime right on the app.

FaxBurner (iPhone/iPad only) is a contender if you don’t need a permanent fax number. Free service includes up to 5 sent and 25 received faxes per month.

There’s also the option to fax via faxing websites, but this is limited to sending faxes with no option to receive. FaxZero and HelloFax are two services that give you a few pages free per day, with charges per page above their cut off.

How to Get Started

For a quick start, we’ll guide you through the more standard and versatile choice of an app. With a few short steps, you can send a fax from a computer before you know it.

  • Register with an online fax provider (we recommend RingCentral)
  • Login to Gmail as usual, putting the destination fax number where you’d normally put the email address
  • Type your subject line as the text you want in the fax title
  • Enter text in the body as your cover letter
  • Attach your documents (pdf, photos, etc.) and send

Advantages of Online Faxing

Without maintaining a bulky fax machine and dial-up modem, you can still be prepared for the surprise fax task. In a world of fast-pace technology, tools like online faxing can prove useful in helping you face any challenge the new day brings.

The features online fax providers bring to the table make a paid service a great option to keep you prepared on the go. We’d opt for standard features like cloud compatibility (iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox) and stored electronic signatures. Providers like RingCentral cover these basics and much more.

Across the US, academic institutions, philanthropic and government organizations, as well as established businesses still employ fax for some of their most sensitive data transmission needs. Worldwide, countries like Japan still rely on fax as a popular medium for priority materials, even using it for emergency government messaging nationwide. The need for fax might crop up more often than you anticipate, and the whole point of a fax is that it’s safer than an email. It only makes sense to go with a reliable service.

Send Your Faxes Without a Phone Line

Don’t be caught at a loss. Show that your innovative products, prized strategies, and essential values are paired with the professionalism that knows how to plow through office details, like sending the occasional fax.

The era of physical fax machines is past, but the need to stay relevant to clients (some of whom still opt for a secure and trusted medium like fax) is ongoing. Online faxing is one more piece that helps you connect well. Weigh your options as you look for the app that suits your needs best. With easy to use mobile apps, you can be ready to send and receive in no time flat.

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