How Can I Send a Fax for Free?

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:20 pm

Most of us haven’t had to send or receive a fax in so long that we can’t remember if we still have a fax machine. A growing number of us don’t even have the landline to connect it to. Then we suddenly have to send one to the medical clinic, a law firm, or the realtor’s office. Fortunately, there’s a simple tool: send a fax through Gmail.

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How Do You Send a Fax Through Gmail?

You could run down to the copy/print/shipping store, but that’s at least an hour round-trip when you include parking and waiting in line at the counter. Plus it’s at least $2 per page. So, you google “can I just send a fax through Gmail?”

There are a number of services that will allow you to send a fax through Gmail. We find ourselves constantly recommending RingCentral largely because they’re so easy to use. However, there are several other reasons to consider this particular online fax service:

  • Seamless Gmail integration
  • Works on Windows and macOS
  • Works on iPhone or Android phones
  • Confirmation reports and logs
  • Different plans that scale to your needs
  • Support 24/7
  • Free, no-obligation 30-day trial

What Is Seamless Gmail Integration?

It’s so easy, we can explain it by just giving you instructions:

Register for RingCentral With a Gmail Address

To use RingCentral’s Gmail fax system, you have to sign up for your RingPlus 30-day trial account using your Gmail address. This assumes you already have a Gmail account. If you don’t, you’ll need to create one. (They’re free.)

Create an Email and Attach Your Documents

From within your Gmail account, you create an email and documents just like you would any other email. If your documents are paper, you need to scan them. If you have a scanner, great. If you don’t have a scanner, there are apps for both iPhones and Android that turn your phone’s camera into a scanner.

Address Your “Fax” Gmail

In the Gmail “To” address box, you enter the recipient’s full fax number (including country and area code) followed by, just as if the fax number were an email address. It looks like, where the Xs are the recipient’s fax number. The subject line of your email becomes the cover page of your fax.

Send Your Gmail Fax

Once you’ve attached the documents you want to be faxed and addressed, you send it just like you would any other Gmail. The recipient will receive it as a fax on their end. RingCentral will email you a confirmation once your fax has been delivered.

Is It REALLY a Free Fax From Gmail?

The bottom line is you can fax up to 1,500 pages with a no-obligation 30-day RingCentral free trial. User-wise, it’s the simplest system we know of. Set up your account and then send your faxes from Gmail on your laptop or your phone. If all you wanted was to send one or two free faxes, great. Cancel your free trial before the billing date. Think of it as the Netflix of faxing.

What If I Keep the Account?

If you need to send more faxes next month, just keep the account and it will bill you $17.99 per month. You’ll get another 1,500-page fax allotment and a whole host of other virtual office features, including your own local fax number so you can receive faxes via Gmail, as well.

Yes, You Can Send a Fax Through Gmail

With a RingCentral 30-day free trial, you can fax up to 1,500 pages of faxes through Gmail. It’s definitely worth a visit. While there, take a look at all of their features. It goes well beyond fax and might just turn your whole office virtual.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!