How Can I Send a Fax?

This post was last updated on October 20th, 2021 at 09:44 pm

Although faxing may seem like a technology from the past, some organizations still prefer faxed documents to emailed ones. Many people don’t have access to a fax machine, but there are user-friendly services that allow you to send and receive faxes as email attachments using a Gmail account. These services solve the problem of how to send a fax without a fax machine.

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Free Fax Services

While some services will send faxes online for free, they offer limited service. Typically, you will only be able to send one fax per day, and since you won’t have your own fax number, you won’t be able to receive faxes.

It is also important to be aware of your privacy when it comes to sending faxes online. Many free online fax services do not have stringent security features. If you are faxing sensitive information, it might not be worth the risk of a third party gaining access to your data. Subscription fax services offer better protection for sensitive data.

Paid Online Fax Services

If you need to send a fax, subscribing to an online fax provider will give you the best service. It can also save you money in the long run. Purchasing a fax machine or modem and connecting it to a phone line can be a substantial investment.

Sending faxes through your Gmail account is a cheaper and more efficient option. Online services have the additional advantage of allowing you to fax from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

Extra Security

A subscription to a paid fax service like RingCentral costs a modest amount of money, but it provides better service than you could get from a free fax sender. RingCentral sends faxes over an encrypted connection that will keep your data safe from outsiders.

With online faxing, you get what you pay for. If your faxes contain sensitive information, such as medical or financial documents, the extra security features are worth the cost.

More Features

In addition to security, there are other reasons to choose a paid fax service. For example, RingCentral can support multiple users on different fax lines. It can also integrate with your data on other platforms, including Google Drive, Outlook, and Dropbox. These extra features are especially useful for people who fax frequently.

If you only need to fax only occasionally, a paid fax service may still be worth checking out. RingCentral currently offers a 30-day free trial, so there is no reason not to try it out. Even if you are not sure about paying money for a fax service, it is worth seeing what services a paid fax service can offer. You can always cancel if you’re sure you won’t use it.

Do I Need a Fax Number?

If you want to receive faxes in addition to sending them, you will need to set up your own online fax number to direct your faxes into your email inbox. It is easy to make a fax number for your Gmail account using an online fax provider. RingCentral gives you the option to create either a local or a toll-free fax number.

However, if you only need to send faxes, you don’t need to create your own fax number. You will only need the fax number of the organization you are sending your fax to.

How to Send a Fax Using Gmail

To send a fax online using an online fax service, just:

  1. Log into Gmail and compose your email like you normally would
  2. Type in the destination fax number and extension in the recipient line
  3. Type the message of your fax in the subject line
  4. Add your fax and any attachments to the body of the email
  5. Click send

That is all there is to learn about how to send a fax in the modern digital age! It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t require a fax machine.

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