How to Fax a Cover Sheet Without a Fax Machine

When sending a digital fax, there can be some confusion over where to put the cover sheet. If you need to send the same document to multiple people with different cover sheets for each, then it’s time-consuming to edit the document each time. Luckily, you can create a fax cover sheet in Google Docs to send separately from the rest of your fax.

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Why Create a Fax Cover Sheet in Google Docs?

Composing your cover sheet using Docs is the easiest way to check all the information on the sheet is correct and accurate, as it’s easy to proofread and edit it there. The file will automatically be saved in Docs, and from there, you’ll be able to access it when using any internet-connected device with the Google Docs app. Having this sheet saved means you can refer back to it if you need to create a similar sheet for future faxes.

Why Don’t You Place the Cover Sheet in the PDF Document You Send As a Fax?

Technically, nothing is stopping you from putting your cover sheet as the first page of any document you’re sending in the form of a digital fax. However, this will make it more difficult for your recipient if they need to send the digitally-received fax to somebody else. If the cover sheet is personalized, then your recipient will have to go through the trouble of removing the sheet if they need to send the document on.

How Do You Attach the Cover Sheet When Sending Your Fax?

Be very careful when attaching your cover sheet to your fax. If you put it in the body of your email, then it won’t print when send to a fax machine, nor will it display if your recipient receives faxes digitally. Only the subject line and attachments are sent when you send a digital fax, so always be careful with where you put the cover letter.

The correct way to attach the letter is to copy it from Google Docs and paste it into the subject line of your email. Avoid just adding the link to the Google Doc in the subject line, as this will be more work for your recipient, and it’ll look unprofessional in their inbox. Furthermore, if your recipient is receiving the fax via an internet-connected fax machine, then sending a link won’t work at all.

What If My Cover Sheet Won’t Fit in the Subject Line?

Digital faxes are sent using Gmail, and Gmail has no character limit for the subject line. You can potentially add thousands of characters, or hundreds of words, to your subject line, and the recipient will be able to read it without a problem.

Can’t I Just Send My Cover Sheet As a Separate Document?

You can technically send your cover sheet as a separate document. You can send up to 200 pages in one digital fax, as long as the size of the attachments combined comes to less than 20 MB. A single-page PDF or document file containing your cover letter can work. However, you can’t be sure the cover letter file will be the first one printed if you’re sending the fax to someone’s fax machine. Therefore, using the subject line for the cover sheet is best.

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