How to Fax From Gmail Quickly and Cheaply: It’s Incredibly Easy

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 03:37 pm

Working electronically is the new way, and there are devices and apps of all kinds that make it possible to do nearly anything you can imagine. From social chats to schooling, everything is digital, but nowhere can this change be seen more easily than in the working world. Faxing continues to be something the prepared individual must be ready to do, and now, with online faxing, it’s incredibly quick, cheap, and easy to learn how to fax from Gmail.

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How to Fax From Gmail

In the past, we bought cumbersome machines and then connected them via special cables (or installed a dedicated line) so our dial-up modem could connect us. The world of digital technology has tackled this issue too, and new innovations allow online fax services to do the heavy lifting that used to require dedicated lines, numbers, and dial-up modems.

If you have Gmail, all you need is an online fax number and you can be sending and receiving that essential fax in minutes. You’ll need an online fax service to give you a number, but once you pick one, it’s only a few short steps to your first use.

Pick a Service Provider

First, consider the options of online fax service providers and pick one that best matches your needs. Top provider RingCentral has all the bells and whistles in offerings (particularly noting their innovative mobile app). However, their biggest draw is a diversity of pricing packages, giving you plenty of flexibility in choice. Their 30-day free trial is a great way to start. Then upgrade to a package if needed.

MyFax, eFax, and RapidFax are just a few other providers. You’ll have to give it a look to choose the best option for you. However, an easy starting trial is one of the best ways to jump in.

We do recommend a reputable provider, as faxes are still used by many companies and legal firms that want to ensure the security and safety of private information. You don’t want to just give your information to anyone, so partner with a provider you can trust.

Register, Connect and Send

Once you pick an online service provider, register to get your number (pick local or toll-free, etc.). Link it to your Gmail, then compose your first fax. The fax number goes in the space where an email address usually would. You write whatever text you’d like, as that will be the cover page. Then you simply attach documents of your choice and send it. Your document will be transmitted like a fax to your receiver.

Features of Gmail Faxing

The steps to getting started are straightforward. The service providers also offer free limited or trial options, with pretty inexpensive monthly packages full of extras for added value (storing electronic signatures, cloud compatibility, on the go storage and access, etc.)

With technology stepping in to turn the traditionally cumbersome process of faxing into a breeze, it simple to keep this avenue open for when you might need it. All the downsides of cost and hassle eliminated, you can keep ready to communicate openly with global businesses, historical institutions, and government organizations that still prefer this secure method of data transmission.

Online innovations mean you can be sending and receiving faxes quickly, easily, and cheaply before you finish reading another blog on the subject. It really is that stress-free of a process. If you need to be ready to fax, why not start today?

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