How to Send a Fax From Your iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

Growing up, and even well into your adulthood, you were probably led to believe the only way to send a fax is via a fax machine. These operate using landlines, you need physical papers to send your documents, and you must have a fax machine to receive faxes in return. Well, this isn’t totally true anymore. You can send a fax from any Internet-connected device now. Let’s look at how to send a fax from iPhone apps.

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How to Send a Fax From iPhone Apps in 5 Easy Steps

1. Get the Right App

If you search for ways to send a fax from your iPhone, then you’ll find countless recommendations for apps on the App Store. You should avoid these like the plague. Many of them have expensive premium subscriptions that aren’t worth the price. Plus, the recipient of your faxes usually has to have the same app to receive anything from you, and some of these apps are a security risk.

The only app you need if you want to send faxes from your phone is Gmail. Most people today use Gmail as their regular email platform. You don’t have to download anything extra.

2. Get a Fax Number

You’ll need to have a fax number, domain, and extension if you want to send faxes from Gmail. Technically you won’t use your own fax number when sending a fax, but you’ll be provided with a fax number anyway when you use an online fax service. This service is what will enable you to fax documents from your phone. You may be able to send some pages every month for free, but if you send faxes regularly, then you’ll want a subscription.

3. Get Your Cover Letter Ready

Faxes need cover letters, and you’ll send yours in the subject line of the regular email composition box. You should compose your cover letter ahead of time so you can easily fix typos and other mistakes. Typing it directly into the subject line will make all the text show up in one single vertical line that you have to scroll through, which makes editing a nightmare.

You can compose your cover letter in the email body if you want, but make sure it doesn’t appear in the email body when you actually send this digital fax.

4. Get Your Files Prepared

It’s best if you send a PDF document when sending a fax through Gmail. However, you won’t run into any trouble if you send some kind of Word document file, either. Image files are the hardest to manage, so if you want to send pictures, please compile them in a PDF or Word document instead. Add your chosen file to the body of your email.

5. Get the Recipient’s Information Ready

You’ll need to enter the recipient’s information like it’s an email address. However, instead of “,” you’ll add their fax number before the domain and extension of your fax service. So, your recipient will look something like “” This will ensure the files you send will send as a fax that can be received via their fax machine or their email inbox. You don’t need to add anything else to the recipient bar for it to send correctly.

If you follow the steps above, then you’re sure to have an easy time learning how to send a fax from the ease and comfort of your iPhone. It’ll become second nature in no time. Consider it an alternative form of emailing. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!