How to Send a Fax Online Without Ever Leaving Home

Working from home is super convenient, but it also means you have to have some common office equipment in your house. Most people can reasonably fit a printer in their home office setup, but a fax machine is simply too large and pricey. Usually, you have to leave the house to find someplace with a fax machine if you need to fax documents to someone. However, if you know how to send a fax online, you never have to leave the house.

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Can You Really Send a Fax Online?

You can pretty much do anything online these days, and that includes sending a fax. Your recipient can receive these faxes either via their email inbox or their physical fax machine. As long as you have their fax number correct, then you can get all of your files right over to them in five minutes or less.

Is It Expensive to Send a Fax Online?

It can be expensive to send a fax online if you use the wrong service. There are tons of fax applications and programs for phones and computers that you can download, and they often have very hefty premium subscriptions: up to hundreds of dollars per year in cost. Instead, what you should do is check out an online fax service. You’ll pay a small monthly fee, and often your first 30 days are totally free.

Why Are Online Fax Services Better Than Applications and Programs?

Online fax services are cheaper than other means of sending faxes online, and they’re simply the most convenient. The recipient doesn’t need to own a special program or plug-in to receive your faxes. Plus, you don’t have to download anything, and you can send faxes through your email in a way that’s almost identical to how you send a regular email.

Is It Really Safe to Send Faxes Online?

It’s totally safe to send a fax online. It’s really no different than sending emails or direct messages via a chat service. Your data can’t be seen by anybody but you and the person you’re sending it to. Even your email provider won’t be able to see the contents of your messages or the documents that you’re sending along with them.

How to Send a Fax Online Step-By-Step

1. Open Gmail

The email service provider you’ll need to use to send a fax is Gmail. Once you have an account, then you’re ready to get going.

2. Create a Cover Letter

The cover letter of your fax should be inserted into the subject line of your email. Don’t include it in the body, as this is unnecessary and may mess with the fax files you’re sending.

3. Attach Some Files

Attach your files the way you normally would when sending a file through email. You can upload it from your device or drag it in from Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud service. PDF documents work best when sending a fax to email, as they’re the most similar to physical pages.

4. Add the Recipient’s Details

Your online fax service will provide you with a domain and extension like When sending a fax, instead of inserting the person’s email address before the suffix, you’ll add their fax number instead. That’s all you need to send the fax on to its intended recipient!

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