Is It Secure to Send a Fax From a Cell Phone?

Landline connections were traditionally used to send documents from fax machine to fax machine, as landline connections are more secure than typical internet ones. This may make you wonder whether sending a fax from cell phone to cell phone is secure. The answer is yes; it’s very secure to send a fax from a phone or any other internet-connected device.

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Is It Secure to Send a Fax From a Cell Phone?

Cell phones don’t use landline connections, but that doesn’t mean sending faxes from them isn’t secure. These days, many fax machines now use internet connections to transfer documents to other fax machines. The internet connections used to send faxes from these machines differs from the internet networks used to send emails and other forms of digital messages.

If you’re using an online fax service, then your faxes are sent using servers set up by the service. The service’s servers are internet-based, but they’re similar to the servers used by internet-connected fax machines. This makes them more secure than the internet-based servers you use to send emails, social media DMs, and so on.

Can My Internet Service Provider See the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Your ISP can’t see what you’re sending in your faxes when you’re using Gmail. Gmail uses Transport Layer Security to encrypt your messages, ensuring your ISP can’t see their contents.

Can My Email Service Provider See the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Digital faxes are typically sent using Gmail, but that doesn’t mean Google employees can see anything that you’re sending. Very few Google employees can see any kind of data from people who use any of Google’s services. The few who do have access to data still can’t see the actual contents of anything sent through your Gmail account or stored on any of Google’s services, such as Docs or Drive.

Is There Any Way Somebody Could View the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Only you, the recipient, and those you choose to share the faxes with can see their contents. The only way someone else could see the contents of your faxes would be if they hacked your email account. Following online security practices, such as choosing a secure password and changing it regularly, will prevent this from happening.

How Do You Send a Fax Using Your Cell Phone?

1. Use Gmail and an Online Fax Service

You need a Gmail account to send digital faxes securely, but you also need a subscription to an online fax service. You’ll pay a small fee each month to use the suffix the fax service provides its users with, such as You’ll also be given a fax number so people can send you faxes in return.

2. Prepare Your Fax

You’ll need a PDF document containing the information you wish to send as a fax. Storing this in Google Drive is a good idea, as you can then access it from any device and easily send it from your cell phone. Attach the file to the body of your email. Use the subject line in place of a fax cover sheet.

3. Add Your Recipient

Instead of emailing, you’ll send your message to an address such as You don’t need to include the recipient’s normal email address for the digital fax to arrive securely in their email inbox.

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