How to Send a Fax Without a Landline

As landlines have become increasingly rare, people find themselves in difficulty when needing to send a fax. It’s a lot of hassle to get a landline installed just to use a fax machine a couple of times a month. Luckily, there’s an alternative to faxing via the traditional method: Gmail fax. We’re going to teach you how to send a fax over the Internet.

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Can You Really Send a Fax Over the Internet?

You can do a lot of surprising things online, and one of them is sending an e-fax. An e-fax is a fax that isn’t sent from fax machine to fax machine with physical paper. Instead, all the documents remain online on the sender’s end so you can fax from anywhere. You can also receive faxes paperlessly via your email account.

Is It Really Safe to Send a Gmail Fax?

Faxes were sent via landlines traditionally because it was considered the safest way to keep your documents secure. However, sending a fax through Gmail may be even more secure than sending them from fax machine to fax machine. When you send documents to or from a fax machine, you run the risk of an unwanted party coming across the physical papers and sneaking a peak.

When you send faxes through Gmail, nobody but you has access to your device if it’s password protected, which is where the documents will be. Google can’t read the content of your email, subject line, or any file sent alongside your email. They’ve confirmed this multiple times to settle any worries people have about the company spying on their personal information. So, yes, it’s safe to send a fax through Gmail, and it’s entirely secure.

How to Send a Fax through Gmail

1. Sign Up For an Online Fax Service

If you want to send faxes through your email account, then you need to be registered with an online fax service. The service is what will convert what you send from a regular email into a digital fax. However, be careful when choosing a service, because there are many that require you to download apps or programs, and these are often restrictive. They’re also typically far more expensive than easy, browser-based services.

Choose a service that doesn’t make you download anything. There are many well-respected companies offering online fax services, so pick one of the most recommended ones if you wish to be safe and have an easy time.

2. Head Into Gmail

As soon as you’ve gotten set up with the online fax service, you’re ready. Head over to Gmail and start drafting an email the way you normally would, but don’t type anything into the body of the email. The body of the email is where you’ll place the documents you wish to send as a fax.

It’s best for readability if you send a PDF document containing everything you wish the other party to receive. This includes if you’re sending images only. Give each image its own page within the PDF document the way each one would have its own page if printed when sending a physical fax. Finally, type your cover letter into the subject box of your email.

3. Enter the Fax Number

This is where a digital fax differs the most from a regular email. Instead of entering an email address, you type the fax number followed by the domain and extension of your fax service. For example, it’ll look something like

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Can You Send a Fax From an Android Phone?

You may have heard that you can now send faxes without a fax machine, but perhaps you’re unsure what devices you can do it from. You can now send a fax from any internet-connected device you can use Gmail on. Let’s look at how to fax from phone and tablet devices with Android operating systems.

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How to Fax from Phone and Tablet Android Devices

1. Download or Open Gmail

Having the Gmail app is far more convenient than constantly having to open Gmail in your browser, and most Android devices come with Gmail and other Google suite apps already installed. You don’t need any special type of Gmail account if you want to send faxes from your Android device, either. Any personal or business Gmail account will suffice.

2. Find an Online Fax Service

Now you need a service that lets you use internet fax lines rather than normal internet lines. These internet fax lines are safer than the regular email networks your normal emails are sent through. Choose a service you can access from your browser, as these are the most trustworthy services you can send faxes with.

If you choose a highly reputable service, then your first month is usually free. After your first 30 days, you’ll pay an affordable monthly fee to send faxes via Gmail.

3. Create Your Fax

Digital faxes consist of two parts: your cover page and your attachment. You should type up your cover page in another application, such as Google Docs, so you can easily edit and proofread it. Once you finish it, copy and paste the text into the subject line of your email.

The body of the email should remain free of text, as this is where you’ll attach the file you wish to send. If you’re faxing from an Android device, then you’re probably going to upload a file from Google Drive or Google Docs. You can also upload files from the files section of your Android device if you need to. However, make sure you’re sending a PDF or a document file. Never send multiple image files unless they’re included in a document/PDF.

4. Add Your Recipient

You may feel like you’re sending an email, but you’re not. Get the fax number of the person you wish to send the fax to, then add the suffix your fax service provided you with after the fax number.

For example, you’ll end up with something like There’s no need to include the recipient’s email address in the bar before you hit send.

Can the Person I Send a Fax to Reply?

You’ll receive a fax number of your own when you sign up for an online fax service. If you need to receive faxes, then give people this fax number. This will let people send you digital faxes in return, and you’ll receive them via your email inbox and be able to view them like a normal email.

Can Google See the Contents of These Faxes?

Google employees can’t see the contents of your digital faxes. They can’t see the contents of your regular emails, either. The only people who can see what you’re sending are you and your recipient.

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Gmail to Fax: What’s the Easiest Way?

In the modern world, some people would consider fax obsolete, but this isn’t the case for many businesses. If you need to securely send something like a filled-in form or a confidential piece of information such as a prescription, faxing is still one of the best options. Fortunately, you no longer have to use a physical fax machine. Instead, you can convert your Gmail to fax by using a reputable provider.

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Gmail to Fax: What’s the Easiest Way?

The easiest way to get started is to sign up to an email-to-fax provider. There are several options, but our preferred one is RingCentral Fax because there are two great plans, it’s secure, it’s easy to use, and you don’t have to pay for the first 30 days. Faxing online isn’t complicated, and you should be able to set up your account and learn how to send and receive faxes within an hour or two.

Setting Up Your Account 

The signup process will only take a few minutes, especially if you have all your company’s details at hand and you already have a Gmail account for your business.

At RingCentral Fax, you have two account options. The cheaper one allows you to send 1500 pages every month, and it is compatible with physical devices and your mobile phone. The more comprehensive package includes unlimited faxing, phone, video, message, and SMS services.

Sending Fax 

Sending a fax is similar to sending an email, but instead of using the email address, you’ll use the recipient’s fax number. Then, you can add a cover page, either by using one of the RingCentral templates or by uploading your own design. Finally, you add your files and send your message. You can fax PDFs, Word documents, images, and more.

Receiving Fax 

When you signed up with RingCentral Fax, you’ll have received a free phone number, either local, vanity, or toll-free. Share this with the people you’d like to communicate with. You’ll then receive their faxes in your inbox in the form of an attachment. You can view, print out, fill in, sign, and forward your faxes.

RingCentral will securely store up to 200 faxes for you in your online account, so you can go back and view old ones at any time. An unlimited number of faxes will also be stored in your Softphone inbox. That way, you never have to ask someone to send you the same information again.

What Are the Main Benefits of Email-to-Fax? 

If you’ve never used eFax before, you might wonder why it is superior to other modern methods of communication, like email. The answer is that faxes are end-to-end encrypted, so there are no security concerns, and only the intended recipient can open them. This isn’t the case with email, which can be intercepted and read by third parties. Therefore, you should always use fax to send confidential or sensitive documents.

Another major benefit of working with an email-to-fax provider is that you can send faxes from any device. Even when you’re out and about, you can use your tablet or mobile phone to check your account and compose a new message. Before eFax, you had to either buy a fax machine or drive to a store to use one.

The easiest and quickest way to send faxes is to use an email-to-fax company like RingCentral Fax. This method of sending documents is quick, secure, and cheap, so it’s ideal for small and medium-sized companies that need to send confidential messages to their customers or business partners. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!

Can You Send an International Fax From Your Phone?

For many of us who grew up with laptops and smartphones, sending a fax isn’t something that we’re used to doing, but nevertheless is often a necessary part of adult life. And if you need to send a fax to another country, especially if you’re overseas, you’ll probably wondering can you fax from your phone. Luckily you can, and it’s actually not that difficult! We’ll tell you how to do it.

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Can You Fax From Your Phone Internationally?

How Is It Possible to Fax From Your Phone?

Sending a fax from your phone isn’t quite as simple as making a call or sending a text message; there’s no hidden “fax” option sitting under your messaging app! Faxing requires the use of a dedicated fax machine, much like how printing requires using a printer. While it isn’t possible to just plug your phone into a fax machine and send a fax, there are still simple workarounds that allow you to easily fax from your phone.

There are numerous digital faxing services on the market to facilitate this. To do this, you start by sending the document electronically to their server, usually via email as a PDF document. The document is then downloaded from the server and sent to your recipient using the service’s industrial fax machines. Almost as easy as sending an email!

How Does International Faxing Work?

Faxing might already be confusing enough, and sending that fax internationally might seem even more confusing! But it’s actually no more complex than sending a fax domestically. Just like with international calling, all fax machines are connected to the same global network of phone lines, and your fax will be sent to any fax number in the world so long as you enter the correct international country code.

You’ll definitely want to consider a mobile faxing solution if you’re faxing internationally, as most traditional faxing services charge significantly higher rates to fax internationally. But the good news is, this can all be done right from your phone!

Faxing Internationally From Your Phone: The Easy Method

Before you can send a fax from your phone, you’ll need to register an account with an online faxing service like RingCentral and add credit to your account. This can either be done through the service’s mobile app or by navigating to their website using your phone’s web browser if you wish to avoid installing a new app.

Then, simply go to your email app (such as Gmail or Outlook) and compose a new email with the documents you wish to fax attached. Follow the instructions provided by the faxing service for what to put in the recipient line. Usually, they will ask you to add the recipient’s fax number (in international format) to the email address. If you’re using RingCentral, the email address should look something like this (phone number imaginary):

“But wait, can you fax from your phone?” is a question we get asked all the time, and the good news is that the answer is yes, even if you’re faxing internationally! In fact, it’s not only easier but usually also cheaper than faxing overseas using a traditional faxing service. Head over to our recommended faxing service RingCentral to quickly set up an account and get the fax sent in just a few minutes, without needing anything but your phone!

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Is It Secure to Send a Fax From a Cell Phone?

Landline connections were traditionally used to send documents from fax machine to fax machine, as landline connections are more secure than typical internet ones. This may make you wonder whether sending a fax from cell phone to cell phone is secure. The answer is yes; it’s very secure to send a fax from a phone or any other internet-connected device.

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Is It Secure to Send a Fax From a Cell Phone?

Cell phones don’t use landline connections, but that doesn’t mean sending faxes from them isn’t secure. These days, many fax machines now use internet connections to transfer documents to other fax machines. The internet connections used to send faxes from these machines differs from the internet networks used to send emails and other forms of digital messages.

If you’re using an online fax service, then your faxes are sent using servers set up by the service. The service’s servers are internet-based, but they’re similar to the servers used by internet-connected fax machines. This makes them more secure than the internet-based servers you use to send emails, social media DMs, and so on.

Can My Internet Service Provider See the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Your ISP can’t see what you’re sending in your faxes when you’re using Gmail. Gmail uses Transport Layer Security to encrypt your messages, ensuring your ISP can’t see their contents.

Can My Email Service Provider See the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Digital faxes are typically sent using Gmail, but that doesn’t mean Google employees can see anything that you’re sending. Very few Google employees can see any kind of data from people who use any of Google’s services. The few who do have access to data still can’t see the actual contents of anything sent through your Gmail account or stored on any of Google’s services, such as Docs or Drive.

Is There Any Way Somebody Could View the Contents of My Digital Faxes?

Only you, the recipient, and those you choose to share the faxes with can see their contents. The only way someone else could see the contents of your faxes would be if they hacked your email account. Following online security practices, such as choosing a secure password and changing it regularly, will prevent this from happening.

How Do You Send a Fax Using Your Cell Phone?

1. Use Gmail and an Online Fax Service

You need a Gmail account to send digital faxes securely, but you also need a subscription to an online fax service. You’ll pay a small fee each month to use the suffix the fax service provides its users with, such as You’ll also be given a fax number so people can send you faxes in return.

2. Prepare Your Fax

You’ll need a PDF document containing the information you wish to send as a fax. Storing this in Google Drive is a good idea, as you can then access it from any device and easily send it from your cell phone. Attach the file to the body of your email. Use the subject line in place of a fax cover sheet.

3. Add Your Recipient

Instead of emailing, you’ll send your message to an address such as You don’t need to include the recipient’s normal email address for the digital fax to arrive securely in their email inbox.

You can send faxes securely from any device as long as you’re using a trusted online fax service. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days! 

Can I Receive Faxes With a Google Fax Number?

Services that allow you to send faxes through your email account are more popular than ever. However, many people still question whether they can receive faxes with a Google fax number: and the answer is yes.

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Can I Receive Faxes With a Google Fax Number?

Nowadays, you can receive faxes right into your email inbox. All you need to do is use an online fax service, and you’ll be able to decide which of your inboxes you’d like your faxes sent to. The fax service you choose will also supply you with the fax number that you’ll give out to the people needing to send you documents in this manner.

How Will the Fax Show up for Me?

Traditional faxes are printed out on paper, so digital faxes are received in a manner as similar to this as possible. If it’s a multi-page fax, then you’ll receive a PDF document where each digital page is the same as a physical one. If it’s a single-page fax, then you may just receive an image file.

Do I Need a Printer to Receive Digital Faxes?

You don’t need a printer to receive faxes, so whether or not you need a printer in your office or home office depends on how your business operates. If your employers or employees need you to print out physical documents to sign and file physically, then yes, you’ll need a printer to go with your digital fax service. Luckily, modern printers are easy to acquire, and many don’t take up a lot of space.

If you’re not expected to print out the documents, then you can simply save them digitally. If you still need to sign documents, then you can use a digital signature. Most of the time, businesses opt to keep their digital faxes fully online and paper-free.

Is It Safe to Receive Faxes Via Email?

Receiving faxes via your email inbox is safer than receiving standard emails, as digital faxes are sent on different networks than emails. These digital fax networks are connected to fewer additional servers and devices, making them more secure. This is why many businesses still opt to use digital faxes rather than sending their files in a standard email.

How Can I Send a Digital Fax Back?

1. Check Your Online Fax Service

Your online fax service doesn’t just supply you with a fax number and give you the ability to receive faxes through your email. It also lets you send faxes back.

It gives you the use of a suffix that works in place of the regular “” suffix of an email address. When you’re sending a fax, you input the recipient’s fax number followed by the suffix of your fax service. For example, you’ll send your fax to

2. Prepare a Cover Sheet

Don’t include your fax’s cover sheet as part of the document you’re sending. Instead, paste the information into the email’s subject line. This can be as little as a few words about the subject of the fax, or it can be a full, page-long note regarding it.

3. Attach Your Fax Documents

If you need to fax an image or just a single page of information, then you can attach an image file. When sending multiple pages, you’ll ideally send a PDF, but any kind of document you can open with a word processor will work.

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Will Google Fax Service Work Without a Landline?

If you want to use your Gmail account to send a fax, you absolutely can. But will a Google fax service work if you don’t have a landline? You’re probably aware that faxes are sent over landlines because this is international faxing protocol. The good news is that with a third-party fax service like RingCentral, you can send a fax through your Google account without needing a landline yourself.

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Will Google Fax Service Work Without a Landline?

You can easily send a fax using your Gmail and even attach documents from your Google Drive as needed. You do not need a landline for this, but you do need a third-party fax service.

Google does not offer fax services directly, and faxes do need to be sent over landlines. That’s what your third-party service will do for you. Once you’re signed up, you simply link your Gmail account, and you can send faxes as quickly and easily as if you were sending emails.

How Faxing Works

The word “fax” comes from the word facsimile, and it’s simply the transmission of a copy (or “facsimile) of anything using phone lines. Additionally, this had to be done using fax machines, which would scan and process documents, turn the information into a bitmap image, and then transmit this over phone lines in audio form. Fax machines on the other side would then interpret the audio input and re-create the image for printing.

These days, you don’t have to do any of that. You simply send your documents to RingCentral or some other third-party service, and they use their special network and machines to process the documents exactly the same way as a traditional fax machine. Their machines are capable of scanning digital documents that you send, though: they don’t have to have a physical copy.

How Do I Do It?

Once you sign up for your third-party service, you quickly link your email, which is simple and just takes moments. You can then send a fax just as you would send an email. You put your recipient’s fax number in the To field, followed by the suffix for your third-party fax service, like Then attach any documents you want to send, and you’re ready to go.

If you prefer to not use your Gmail account, you can simply use the online portal of your fax service or fax using their mobile app. You can upload documents from your computer or mobile device or attach them from your Google Drive account.

Advantages of Online Faxing

Online faxing is very affordable. You don’t need a special fax machine or a dedicated landline, and you don’t need special fax paper or toner. You also don’t need to spend a couple of dollars a page to have someone at the local library or office supply store send your fax. Instead, you can fax as much as you need for a small monthly fee.

Internet faxing is also very efficient. You don’t have to wait around the machine trying to get it to send and fiddling with old-fashioned tech. You just send your fax as quickly as if it were an email, and you can even send to multiple fax recipients simultaneously. Just separate their phone numbers with commas.

Finally, online faxing helps you organize your faxes all in one place. Instead of having physical faxes lying around, you can keep every fax you send (and receive) in your Gmail account.

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Send a Fax Online From Gmail in Minutes

You have just read some dreaded words in an email or heard them on a phone call: we are going to need you to send that to us by fax. You don’t have a fax machine, and now you’re frantically looking for a way to send a fax without having to go stand in line at the local library or office supply store. We have the answer: you can send a fax online with Gmail, easily.

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Send a Fax Online From Gmail in Minutes

Who has a fax machine these days? Very few of us, and even if you are maintaining a landline just to dedicate to your fax machine and keeping up with fax machine maintenance, it’s probably time to ditch this ancient tech and go modern. Here’s how it works:

Find an Online Fax Service Provider

The first step is to find an online fax service provider. You can’t just fax directly from your Gmail account because Gmail uses the Internet to transmit data, and faxing protocols require that faxes be sent over regular telephone lines. A fax service provider will receive your documents and transmit them according to the proper requirements.

Your fax will arrive at your recipient’s machine exactly as if you had sent it from a regular fax machine. Once you have signed up with your service provider, you just link your Gmail account, and you’re ready to go. If you want, you can send an email directly from your service provider’s website or app. However, if you link up your email, sending a fax becomes just as simple and intuitive as sending an email.

Compose and Address an Email

Your next step is to open up your email account and compose a new email. This is done exactly as if you were sending an email. In place of a regular email address, you will put your recipient’s phone number and the suffix provided to you by your Internet fax service provider. Just add in the numbers of your recipients fax machine without any special characters or spaces. To send a fax in the United States, it would look something like this:

If you’re sending an international fax, you’ll add the country code and the area code, if any, for the region where your recipient lives. So, for example, if your recipient is located in Great Britain, the number they sent you will probably look something like this: +44 20 8777 2344. The first two numbers are the country code for the UK, and 20 is the area code for London. When you put this into the address line of your email, it will look like this:

Compose a Cover Letter and Attach Documents

Here’s the important thing to remember when you’re faxing from the email: nothing at all should go into the email body itself. Nothing in the body will get sent. Your cover letter goes into the subject line, and the documents you were actually faxing should be attached.

If you have trouble composing a good cover letter within the constraints of the subject line view, just compose the letter within the email body and then cut and paste it into your subject line. You can attach documents from your computer or attach them from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or other document storage system. The best type of document to send by Gmail is PDF.

And that’s it! You’re ready to go, and you’ve just sent a fax by Gmail in mere moments. Ready to get started? Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 days!

How to Send a Fax Online Without Ever Leaving Home

Working from home is super convenient, but it also means you have to have some common office equipment in your house. Most people can reasonably fit a printer in their home office setup, but a fax machine is simply too large and pricey. Usually, you have to leave the house to find someplace with a fax machine if you need to fax documents to someone. However, if you know how to send a fax online, you never have to leave the house.

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Can You Really Send a Fax Online?

You can pretty much do anything online these days, and that includes sending a fax. Your recipient can receive these faxes either via their email inbox or their physical fax machine. As long as you have their fax number correct, then you can get all of your files right over to them in five minutes or less.

Is It Expensive to Send a Fax Online?

It can be expensive to send a fax online if you use the wrong service. There are tons of fax applications and programs for phones and computers that you can download, and they often have very hefty premium subscriptions: up to hundreds of dollars per year in cost. Instead, what you should do is check out an online fax service. You’ll pay a small monthly fee, and often your first 30 days are totally free.

Why Are Online Fax Services Better Than Applications and Programs?

Online fax services are cheaper than other means of sending faxes online, and they’re simply the most convenient. The recipient doesn’t need to own a special program or plug-in to receive your faxes. Plus, you don’t have to download anything, and you can send faxes through your email in a way that’s almost identical to how you send a regular email.

Is It Really Safe to Send Faxes Online?

It’s totally safe to send a fax online. It’s really no different than sending emails or direct messages via a chat service. Your data can’t be seen by anybody but you and the person you’re sending it to. Even your email provider won’t be able to see the contents of your messages or the documents that you’re sending along with them.

How to Send a Fax Online Step-By-Step

1. Open Gmail

The email service provider you’ll need to use to send a fax is Gmail. Once you have an account, then you’re ready to get going.

2. Create a Cover Letter

The cover letter of your fax should be inserted into the subject line of your email. Don’t include it in the body, as this is unnecessary and may mess with the fax files you’re sending.

3. Attach Some Files

Attach your files the way you normally would when sending a file through email. You can upload it from your device or drag it in from Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud service. PDF documents work best when sending a fax to email, as they’re the most similar to physical pages.

4. Add the Recipient’s Details

Your online fax service will provide you with a domain and extension like When sending a fax, instead of inserting the person’s email address before the suffix, you’ll add their fax number instead. That’s all you need to send the fax on to its intended recipient!

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How Reliable Is Sending a Fax From an iPhone?

Anybody familiar with faxing knows it’s done using fax machines, and the material is transmitted via a landline. This is why many people have doubts when they hear that an iPhone fax is not only possible but easy. It’s still very new in the world of faxing, but once you learn how to do it, you can rest assured that it’s just as reliable as sending documents the old-fashioned way.

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How Does an iPhone Fax Work?

Faxing via your iPhone works much the same way as emailing does. However, instead of transmitting your files via landline, you’re doing it over the Internet. You know how reliable emailing and instant messaging is, so you can think of online faxing as pretty much the same thing. All your documents are encrypted, and nobody can read them. International faxing protocols will send your fax itself.

You send these phone-based faxes via Gmail, and you store documents you wish to fax on Google Drive or in your phone’s files.

How Do You Send a Fax from an iPhone?

1. Ensure the Documents Are on Your Phone

You’ll most likely be sending a PDF or a similar document file, so you need easy access to your files of choice from your mobile device. Keeping all your files in Google Drive is a good idea because you’ll be able to access them from any device you can go online on.

Working with Google Drive is also a good idea because you’ll be sending this fax from Gmail. You know the two apps work well together already, so you’ll never have to worry about your upload failing.

2. Create a Gmail Account

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers, but not everybody uses it, and that’s fine. However, you’ll need it if you want to send somebody a fax from your iPhone. You don’t have to use it as your primary email account, but making sure you check it regularly for people sending you digital faxes is a must.

3. Register with an Online Fax Service Provider

You’ll need to use a free or paid service provider if you want to send faxes through your email account. Most service providers let you send a certain number of pages per month for free before you have to sign up for their premium plan. If you fax through email regularly, then a premium plan is definitely worth the investment.

Your service provider will give you an extension and domain. An “extension” is the .com at the end of websites and regular email addresses. in this context, a domain is the chosen email domain name of the service provider you’re using. So, instead of using “,” you might use something like “” instead.

4. Compose Your Fax

When you send a fax on your phone, you put the content of your cover page in the subject line. It’s a good idea to compose it in the body of the email, paste it into the subject line, then delete it from the body. Leave the body empty and attach the files you wish to fax.

5. Enter a Fax Number

Your recipient will have a fax number you must enter. Add this to the recipient box, then add your domain and extension such as “” after it. Now you’re ready to hit send!

Sending a fax from your iPhone is just as easy and reliable as sending a regular email. The format is a little different, but you’ll get used to it pretty fast. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!