Privacy Policy

This post was last updated on February 5th, 2021 at 07:10 pm

Kinds of Information Gathered

There are different kinds of information collected on this website, either via a third party or by the site itself. This has primarily become possible due to usage data and cookies.

The data that gets collected could be freely generated automatically or by the user every time the user interacts with the website.

The usage of cookies and other tools for tracking are primarily responsible for providing an enhanced and refined experience to the visitor. If the user fails to give the above mentioned data, the website would not be able to carry out its services.

When using the application, the responsibility for all the personal data shared or published by third parties is assumed by the user. This, as a result, relieves the data facilitator and the website owner from all the responsibilities.

Data Processing Location and Method

Method for Processing Data

Necessary security and safety measures would be insured by the data facilitator, thereby preventing destruction, unauthorized disclosure, data modification or its accessibility. However, the data can be accessed by external third party data processors like IT companies, mail carriers, technical service providers and communication agencies. Whenever necessary and upon request, the data facilitator can arrange permitted access to the updated list.


All the processing of the data is done through the Internet and is stored within the data facilitator’s hosting environment.

Data Retention Periods

All the data that gets stored is only retained until it is requested or necessitated by the user. As the accumulated data could get requested any time for removal or suspension, it invariably stays retained for an infinite time period.

Collected Data Usage

The data being collected is used by the application for offering its services, and also for data analytics, content commenting, and display of content from outside platforms. This document would have all the details explaining the use and purpose for every data.

Personal Data Details Processing

The following services make use of any personal information that gets collected

– WordPress and Google Analytics
– Display of External Content
– Content Commenting

Additional Information Pertaining to Data Collection and Processing

Legal Action

The data facilitator can use the user data for legal reasons in any legal proceeding or court. The data could be used to offer defense to the data facilitator, if legal actions have been initiated against the website’s owner.

System and Maintenance Logs

The website and also any external service could accumulate files for collecting or recording interaction taking place on the website (IP Addresses or System Logs).

No Representation for Other Policy Information

Through the website’s “contact us” page, more details relating to the processing andor collection of user information could be requested.

Rights of the User

The rights relating to requesting contents, storage records, origin, and requesting accuracy verification by the facilitator of the data are maintained by the users. The users can also ask for a transformation of their data into an anonymous format and or block any stored information that violates federal or state law. The “contact us” page can be used to send requests to the website owner.

Privacy Policy Future Changes

The right to changing the privacy policy in the future rests with the data facilitator and the website. Any changes made would be brought to the user’s notice through this page. The data facilitator and the website owner recommend users to check this page for staying abreast with any changes done. If the alterations made are not satisfactory, the user should immediately suspend hisher usage of the website.