Put It In the Email: Save Time and Cash With Google Faxing

This post was last updated on November 4th, 2021 at 04:44 pm

Maintaining and using fax machines can be a pain. Whether your faxing needs are occasional enough that you’ve never gotten around to your own machine, or you’re tired of maintaining and troubleshooting the one you have, online faxing options like Google Faxing save you time and cash. Here’s how:

Online Faxing Is Convenient

No matter where you are, you can send a fax. If you’ve been in business long enough, you might remember the days of using a hotel’s business room fax machine when you were on the road. Thankfully, there’s no need to do anything like that ever again.

More immediately, with Google Faxing and similar options, everyone at your company can send or receive faxes as needed even when working from home. If you’ve had to keep someone in the office during lockdown just to send and receive faxes, that won’t be a problem anymore.

And even if you’re not on the road or working from home, it’s just more convenient to access your faxes right there on your computer or smartphone rather than go to the fax machine and wait. As a bonus, everything you receive is instantly shareable with everyone on the team: no need to make copies or do a scan.

Online Faxing Offers Better Clarity

Faxing is notorious for producing documents that are hard to read and sometimes stripped of important details, like color. With online faxing, you don’t have to scan, and you don’t have to worry about clarity.

Documents are sent directly from your computer in the same quality as they appear on your screen. You’ll never have to send a fax again or worry about a misunderstanding because of a smudged, low-quality fax.

Online Faxing Makes It Easier to Send to Multiple Recipients

Sending a fax usually means dialing a number, waiting for the answer (if you don’t get a busy signal), waiting for the transmission to actually start, and then waiting to make sure everything got through on your end. Then you have to call to make sure your recipient actually got it.

If you’re trying to send a fax to five or ten people, multiply all that hassle by the appropriate number. If that doesn’t sound like fun, trying online faxing instead. All you have to do is set which documents need to be faxed and choose the right numbers.

Online Faxing Keeps You Organized

Faxes are a pain to keep organized. After you get the fax and deal with it, it has to be filed in the right place. If you need to refer to it again, you have to go dig it up. You’ll save time if you choose online faxing instead.

With online faxing, you get cloud storage, and it’s easy to organize everything you send or receive and then access it whenever you need it. You can even write yourself a note to attach to each fax if there’s something you want to remember.

Online Faxing Is Automatically Compatible

Not everyone you fax to will be using online fax, but for you, that’s not a problem. Instead of wasting your time adjusting your fax to match the specs of each machine, you can automatically convert to whatever file type your recipient needs. You can also convert whatever you receive into a PDF document so it’s easy to print if necessary or read on your device.

Online Faxing Is Green

You’ll save money with online faxing because you won’t be maintaining a phone line and a machine just to deal with incoming faxes. That’s not the only way it’s green, either. You also won’t have the noise pollution of a fax machine around the office anymore.

Save Time and Money With Online and Google Faxing

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