Send a Secure Fax From Your Cell Phone

Can you send a fax from a cell phone? These days, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only can you send a fax from a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, but it’s also secure. All you need is a quality third-party fax service like RingCentral, and you can use an app on your phone or even just fax from email.

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Send a Secure Fax From Your Cell Phone

Faxes typically go out over telephone lines according to international faxing protocol. One of the reasons that they are required in certain situations, such as to and from courts and lawyers, doctors and hospitals, government entities, and even certain international businesses, is because telephone lines are nearly impossible to hack in the same way that the Internet is.

With telephone lines, wiretapping is the real problem when it comes to security, and wiretapping listens for sounds and records conversations rather than grabbing up faxes. So if the phone lines are so much more secure than the Internet, how can you send a secure fax using a device that accesses as the Internet or a cellular network? The answer is to use a quality third-party service to send your fax.

Security: From Your Phone to Your Recipient

Let’s take the example of an international business. Certain documents need to be signed and sent by fax, and your potential new overseas partners are insisting on a fax from you because they are concerned that there be no chance of fakes, forgeries, or hacking along the way. Any bad actors who are interested in stealing information that’s going between you and your potential international business partner are going to be looking for communication between the two of you to steal from.

You don’t send your digital fax directly, though. You send your fax using RingCentral. You either send it through your email, or, to keep it out of your email entirely, you simply go to RingCentral’s own website or use their app. When you send your documents this way, they are broken up into multiple tiny packets, scrambled, and then transmitted to RingCentral to be reassembled. RingCentral then sends your fax on to your recipient using regular faxing protocols and telephone lines.

What Keeps It Secure

Any bad actors looking to steal information between you and your potential business partner in the above example are going to be looking for direct communication between the two of you, and, perhaps, even general email account traffic if they can get into your email. They are not going to be looking at the highly encrypted traffic between you and a completely other third-party, making it safe and secure to fax in this way.

A Caveat

There is one thing to bear in mind. The security of your facts depends in large part on the security of your third-party fax service. There are all kinds of services out there, including some that offer to fax for “free.” As you know, nothing in life is free.

What’s really happening is that these third-party services are selling on some of the information they get, putting ads all over your fax as it is sent on, or engaging in other undisclosed practices in order to make money. It’s much safer and more secure to trust your documents to a reliable service with a proven track record of professionalism and security.

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