The Cheaper Alternative: How to Send a Fax Online

Learning how to send a fax online can actually save you a lot of time and money. If you think about it, a monthly subscription for an online fax service not only offers you more savings opportunities, but it can allow your small to medium-sized business to be more flexible, too. Learn why an online fax service is cheaper than a traditional fax machine today.

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The Cheaper Alternative: How to Send a Fax Online

If you have to send a fax these days, you may be scrambling to find a fax machine. But fax machines can be expensive, and if you don’t plan to fax frequently, buying a fax machine can be a waste of money. Another option you may have is paying to fax documents by the page, which can quickly become expensive if you have to fax multiple pages.

Fortunately, an online fax service can be much more inexpensive and flexible. To send a fax online, all you will need is an active email account, a subscription to an online fax service, and documents that are ready to be attached to your digital fax form.

Why Is a Regular Fax Machine More Expensive?

Aside from the initial investment in the fax machine, a traditional fax machine can be more expensive because you will have to regularly pay for paper, ink, toner, and a landline so the fax machine will work.

Over time, these costs can build up and place additional stress on your budget. Whether you are an employee working from home or a small business owner, buying a traditional fax machine may not be a sensible investment.

How Much Is an Online Fax Service?

A subscription to an online fax service, on the other hand, costs around $20 a month. Not only is this a less expensive option, but you will also save money since you won’t have to pay costs for paper and ink.

What Are Other Benefits of Online Fax Services?

One of the biggest benefits of using an online fax service is the ability to fax a large number of pages in a single fax transmission. For example, some services allow you to fax up to 200 pages or up to 20MB per fax. Additionally, you can fax to multiple recipients at one time, which can save you a lot of time when compared to a traditional fax machine.

Another advantage of using an online fax service is access to other communication tools. Some vendors that provide Gmail fax services also provide private messaging, email reminders, and many other tools that will streamline communication for your small to medium-sized business. This means a subscription to an online fax service can also be an investment in your company-wide communication.

Why Is Faxing Still Necessary?

Sending a fax is still important in the business world. For example, you may need to fax legally binding business contracts, or fax documents to your legal team. For small business owners, it may also be important to keep documents protected, which is why a secure digital fax may be preferred over an ordinary email.

Signing up with a digital fax service is much more cost-effective than buying a fax machine or paying to send a fax by the page at your local library. You can easily turn any of your devices into a fax machine and you can send a massive amount of pages to unlimited recipients in one step, while also being secure in the privacy of your faxed documents.

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